Top 21 Snowboard Brands: Ranked [Which Snowboard Brand to Pick]

Updated July 25, 2023
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With so many snowboard brands flooding the market, it can be hard for someone new to snowboarding or even who has been around the sport to identify the top snowboard brands. Luckily we have spent over 100 hours researching, testing and analyzing many of the snowboard brands on the market to determine the top snowboard brands.

Snowboard brands compared

What Makes A Top Snowboard Brand

While many websites are throwing a list together with little to no research on the brands or riding the boards, that’s not how we do it. At Proper Peaks, we look at 4 key areas to rank the top snowboard brands.

  • Selection of the brands
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Art on the decks

After that, we even point out some of the popular boards for the brands in the individual brand pieces.

LIB Tech Snowboards

If you can’t snowboard good, you may as well look good. You can look good on a LIB Tech board and throw it down on the big stuff.

Top Pick

GNU Snowboards

The creme dela creme of snowboards. Made well. Made in the USA and ready to take on the best resorts in the US.

Burton Snowboards

A classic name in snowboarding making some of the best boards on the slopes. You can’t go wrong with a Burton board this winter.

Criteria 1 – Snowboard Selections: The Brand Lineups Examined

We get that some brands are more specialized than others like Evol and Chamonix who target low price point beginners while Jones targets backcountry riders but we looked at the overall selection that brands are putting out for our first criteria.

Hours later we compiled our lists of who is making what, what styles they offer and if they make boards for women and kids too. Here is a snapshot of where all the brands fell in the selection rankings.

Snowboard Brand selection rated

To learn more on a specific brand, be sure to check the full in-depth rating.

Criteria 2 – Quality: Not Just Your Everyday Test

You can’t just throw boards in a lineup willy-nilly, we know that. Based on our years of riding on the slopes, our friends, pros and more, we know we have a good idea of the quality and technology in the boards.

You’ll have to check out the brands but there is a reason you have brands like Arbor way ahead of Evol.

Criteria 3 – There’s Levels to This Pricing Game

Some of the snowboard brands only try to reach the highest end snowboard consumers while others are targeting the lowest end to get people into the sport. We don’t just look at how much the boards cost but what you are getting for what you are paying for.

Pricing goes back to quality and is the price really worth it? We take it all into consideration when rating each individual brand. If you want to find out why are snowboards so expensive in the first place, then you’ll have to join us as we visited Never Summer’s factory to find that out!

The Art and Graphics: What Moves the Needle?

A lot of the modern snowboards are going for solid colors and we get that. Some look cool, we can’t deny it like the boards that Never Summer puts our or Nitro. That being said, we can’t not give some points to cool graphics. After all, many of us are out there on the slopes and love a little self-expression.

Snowboard Brand graphics proprietary rating

Whether that is earthy boards like Arbor offers or unique designs on Lib Tech or CAPiTA, it’s up for you to make the final choice. Without further ado, by developing over 100 individual ratings we’re excited to share what we think are the top snowboard brands from some serious riders.

The Top 21 Snowboard Brands: Ranked

21 – Evol Snowboards

evol snowboards logo

Evol snowboards evolved from skateboards and have been a notable brand in the snowboard industry for over 20 years. They make the list but bring up the rear as the quality just isn’t the same as higher brands on the list.

That being said, you get what you pay for. If you are on a budget, Evol snowboards will get you on the slopes and aren’t a bad way to start. Learn if Evol snowboards are right for you in our in-depth review.


20 – Chamonix

chamonix snowboards logo

Another budget brand to hit the slopes with is Chamonix. Founded in 2017 with the goal to make snowboarding more accessible, Chamonix balances quality and price to make sure anyone who wants a board can at least save up for one.

Chamonix snowboards ride well and don’t look bad, although they could have a larger selection each year.


19 – Santa Cruz

santa cruz snowboard logo

You might know the skateboards and mountain bikes as Santa Cruz has been around but it’s their snowboards that earn them spot 19 on the round-up. The quality on Santa Cruz snowboards gets the job done, but if you are a fan of the classic Santa Cruz art, you are in for a treat.

You might want to dive deeper into Santa Cruz snowboards and the designs if you are a fan of their skateboards or bikes.


18 – YES.

yes. snowboard logo

Founders Jan Petter Solberg, David Carrier Porcheron and Romain de Marchi were saying yes to big mountain and backcountry long before they started YES. snowboards. Since starting YES. in 2008, the guys have been on a mission ever since to make the best board for backcountry freestyle.

While freestyle riding isn’t for everyone, if it is for you then YES. is a solid option to check out further when getting a new board.


17 – Rossignol

rossignol snowboard logo

If you hit the rental shops at the slopes, often you’ll find that they carry Rossi. Rossignol snowboards are staples for beginners all around the world. Easy to ride, affordable and they have some cool designs to top it off. All of this has been built in the more than 100 years that Rossignol has been making skis and boards.

They aren’t the go-to of most intermediate to advanced riders but for beginners, Rossignol snowboards are a great place to start.


16 – Salomon

salomon snowboard logo

Another brand that you’ll surely see in the rental shops is Salomon. Salomon snowboards are another French brand that was started in the late 1990’s. They have boards for all levels, balance the quality well with the price and have some modern designs.

If you want to ride one of the brands that a lot of the pros ride then Salomon snowboards are a no-brainer.


15 – Roxy

roxy snowboard logo

The first Mervin brand to hit the list is Roxy’s snowboards for women. While they focus on women’s snowboards, we’d argue there is still higher quality women’s boards on the market. That being said, we love Roxy since they are made in the U.S. out of Mervin’s Washington state manufacturing plant.

Not only are you going to get an awesome riding and reliable snowboard with Roxy, but you are also getting a snowboard made for snowboarders by snowboarders.


14 – Public

public snowboard logo

A newcomer on the block, Public snowboards has a similar approach to Chamonix, making snowboarding more accessible to people. While we believe there is a little step up to the Chamonix quality with Public snowboards, they aren’t too much different. Public does come in at a little higher price point but not by much.

Public also is a bit more freestyle focused while Chamonix is mountain-focused. To learn more on Public snowboards and how they got to the 14 spot, make sure to read the deep dive on Public Snowboards.


13 – Nitro Snowboard

nitro snowboard logo

Designed in Seattle for more than 30 years now, Nitro snowboards have become a mainstream name in the snowboard community. After riding Pacific Northwest powder, Sepp Ardelt and Tommy Delago knew they could make boards that could change the dynamic in snowboarding.

For absolute powder shredders, Nitro snowboards are hitting the mark with their designs and lineup.


12 – Jones

jones snowboard logo

Serious powder surfers and backcountry riders also know Jones snowboards can hold their own in the deepest powder or gnarliest trails. When Jeremy Jones founded Jones snowboards, he had one thing in mind, surfing big powder.

The Jones snowboard brand has fulfilled everything he set it out to be and more. Now Jones snowboards are one of the best backcountry snowboard brands on the market.


11 – Rome SDS

rome sds snowboard logo

Back in 2001, Rome SDS went on the mission to build snowboards for all riders. While you’ll often see Rome SDS boards shredding up the park, you don’t have to look far to see them carving down the slopes as well.

Riding Rome SDS snowboards is something every snowboarder needs to experience at least once. With everything Rome SDS brings to the game, it’s no surprise they were able to capture the #11 spot on the list.


10 – K2

k2 snowboard logo

It all started with high-quality skis before that same quality started getting put into K2 snowboards. K2 snowboards are cutting edge, durable and fun to ride. Whether it is a splitboard or an all-mountain board to dominate the biggest peaks, K2 has a lineup with a board for everyone.

If you don’t have a splitboard in your stable of boards yet then K2 might be just the ticket.


9 – Ride

ride snowboard logo

Ride snowboards get good grades in the quality, graphics and price departments. For park or mountain boards, Ride continues to deliver year after year with easy-to-ride snowboards that are always pushing the boundaries.

As Ride continues to put new technology into their boards, they never lose sight of balancing a fine line between quality and price.


8 – CAPiTA

CAPiTA snowboard logo

Building snowboards with 100% clean energy, CAPiTA is manufacturing with the environment in mind. They pack a ton of quality into their boards and style, all while being one of the most environmentally friendly snowboard manufacturers.

Built at the mothership in Austria, CAPiTA boards are some of the most technologically advanced boards along with their manufacturing facility. Splitboards, cool designs, mountain shredders, CAPiTA has it all.


7 – Bataleon

Bataleon snowboard logo

Talking about technology, Bataleon has taking 18 years but have perfected their Triple Base Technology. All Bataleon boards have tip-to-tail positive camber in combination with Triple Base. 3BT or Triple Base Technology is only unique to Bataleon and optimizes going from flat base riding, into the turn and onto the edge.

With Bataleon’s unique 3D snowboard shaping, riding profiles are becoming more optimized than ever before for snowboarding.


6 – Never Summer

Never Summer snowboard logo

Just outside Denver, you’ll find Never Summer snowboards, handcrafted and American-made. Since 1991, Never Summer has been manufacturing some of the best snowboards outside some of the best world-class ski resorts.

Tested on the trails of world-class resorts and vouched for by the pros, Never Summer truly makes some quality boards to conquer the biggest of resorts and trails.


5 – SIMS

SIMS snowboard logo

We’ve made it to the top 5 in the list! Would you have expected SIMS any earlier? SIMS is a pioneer in the game, founded by Tom Sims in 1963. From making some of the first snowboards to improving them into what we know as modern snowboards.

Now manufactured at the Never Summer facility outside of Denver, SIMS snowboards are another made in the U.S. snowboard brand that the community knows and loves. Innovation and quality are packaged up into one, known as SIMS.


4 – Arbor

Arbor snowboard logo

Claiming the number 4 spot is no other than Arbor snowboards. It is starting to split hairs at this stage. Arbor climbs to the 4 spot due to their exceptional quality and profiles. In addition, they manufacture their snowboards using 100% solar power.

Arbor’s distinct boards showing off the wood in the decks is like no other. For a truly unique snowboard and one that feels like it still has a connection to nature, Arbor takes the cake.


3 – Burton

Burton snowboard logo

New or advanced, most people know Burton. Some people love Burton and others don’t but it’s hard to argue with that they have a massive selection and do put out good boards. Also one of the pioneering brands of snowboarding, Burton has consistently been growing the snowboard community since its inception.

They are now one of the largest and most well known snowboard brands around the world. Chances are if you are renting gear at a resort, there is a high chance it will be Burton.


2 – LIB Tech

Lib Tech snowboard logo

Grabbing the top two spots is no other than Mervin snowboards. In the 2 spot is LIB Tech snowboards which are a great brand. Known for their playful boards, creative graphics and high quality coming from the Pacific Northwest, these made in the U.S. snowboards are a blast to ride.

From powder to park, LIB Tech puts out mountain-tested snowboards that are changing the way people snowboard.


1 – GNU

Slay the park or shred up the slopes on a GNU. Not only are their boards some of the best quality but they are also made in Washington State.

If you are riding out west or at any resort in the U.S. for that matter, you will almost be guaranteed to see GNU snowboards. Another Mervin brand that is made in Washington state, GNU is the pinnacle to carve a big slope or put it down in the park.

Made with an eco-friendly process and materials, you can be confident that you are not only riding a great board with GNU but that is was also made with the environment in mind.


So, Which Snowboard Brand Should I Choose?

The easiest way to find your next snowboard is to demo three to four boards. We often hear from beginners that demoing boards sounds expensive but not only do you get to ride multiple snowboards in a single day but you can also leverage off the knowledge of the people in the shop who can recommend the best setup for your riding style.

While any of the top 10 brands make great snowboards, you should at least know your riding style and what you are looking to accomplish on the mountain. It almost goes without saying, beginners shouldn’t be going out and buying park boards for intermediate riders when they just want to learn their turn on groomers. Speaking of which snowboard brand to choose, here are the total scores revealed-

Snowboard Brands total score.

All brands break down the skill level and profile of the boards so it isn’t left up to guessing. We like to go with quality first and looks later. Prioritize that along with your skill level and you’ll have no issues with your board.

Final Thoughts on the Top 21 Snowboard Brands

As snowboarding pushes forward, it is the companies that are investing in their manufacturing process, technology and even graphics that continue to evolve the sport. Some brands will never be top brands unless they step up their quality.

With the competition of snowboard brands being fierce, at the end of the day, not much sets some brands apart from others except for their unique profiles, bases and graphics. It can be hard to decide with so many brands on the market but at least now it should be a bit easier.

Whatever you ride, we’ll be happy to join you on the trails.

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