How to Recover After Skiing and Snowboarding: 7 Tools to Help

Skiing recovery is something a lot of riders don’t prioritize after a long day of skiing. Snowboarders too! If you are going to ride on a multi-day trip then that mindset needs to change. To have multiple days of good skiing on a trip, you need to rest and recover your legs.

While skiing and snowboard recovery isn’t exclusive to multi- day trips. Here are some things you can be doing to recover better anytime you go to the slopes. We also like to pack a few of these in our luggage if traveling too!

Heating Pad

The heat pad is a classic and it is great for the quads, knees and lower back. We usually take one of these if going on a long ski trip as you can put it on in the evening when kicking back in a condo. That makes it one of the first things we grab when packing plus it feels really good if you are just cold at the resort or condo.

The heat helps you increase the blood flow to your muscles which will make them recover faster. If there is one thing that is easy to pack for skiing recovery but provides a lot of value, it is the heating pad.

Thera Gun

Have you seen the Thera Gun? It is a compression gun that you can get a bunch of attachments for to target different areas on your body. Think of it as taking your personal masseuse to the mountain.

Not only will you be happy with this recovery tool after skiing but your friends are going to thank you as well. Loosen up your muscles after you ride and then pass it to your friends to do theirs as well. While the Thera Gun is great for after skiing and snowboarding, it is also good for warming up your muscles before you hit the slopes. This tiny machine makes it easy to travel with and is a must to take on ski trips.

Foam Roller

Another one that works wonders is the foam roller. It is simple yet super effective. A foam roller is like, well, a budget Thera Gun.

Target your areas after you ride with a foam roller. Some common areas to stretch with a foam roller include-

  • Lower back
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Shoulders

While a foam roller isn’t something you will probably want to take on a ski trip, it is a tool that you can use at home to recover after skiing or boarding.

Recovery Drinks

No, we’re not talking beer and you may have thought that. If you ski or snowboard hard all day, you will sweat out a lot of electrolytes. In fact you may notice that the second half of a skiing day your muscles feel more worn out than the first. Not only are they getting taxed by riding the slopes but your body is losing essential vitamins and minerals from all the exercise.

Taking a proper recovery drink after skiing or on a ski trip can be the difference between feeling 90% the next day or feeling 70% hypothetically. It may not sound like a lot but it is when you look at your buddies and see how they are doing. Especially when you look at the typical one guy who had 3 beers and 2 shots the night before at the bar in the resort.

Replenish your fluids in the right way and you’ll have a more enjoyable day on the mountain the next.

Compression Wrap

Compression wraps are one recovery tool we always take on a ski trip. You never know when a knee, ankle or calf is going to need to be wrapped up. If you have knee issues skiing then a lightweight knee brace for skiing should be your first go to but a good back up is the compression wrap.

Put on a compression wrap overnight on an area like the knee and you usually can get it a little better in the morning when you pair it with a Motrin and a heating pad.

Since compression wraps are only a couple of bucks and don’t take much space, you should always be carrying one in your skiing or snowboard bag if doing an overnight trip.

Hot Tubs – The Perfect Tool to Recover After Skiing

Banff Hot Springs. Photo Credit: Banff Lake Louise (Flickr CC)

While you can’t fit a hot tub in a bag, you can prioritize a resort or condo with one. While this recovery tool for skiing is more optional than the others, it still is nice to have.

It works the same way as a heating pad but you can immerse much more of your body in a hot tub. If you can’t go with a hot tub then a heating pad is often the next best recovery option for delivering heat.

Keep a hot tub in mind on a multi-day ski trip. If it’s not too much more, it may be something you want to consider when booking your trip.

Ice Bath

Just like a hot tub, an ice bath isn’t something you’ll be able to take with you. You can utilize an ice bath at a resort or condo if you are on the lookout for a place with a nice tub. Otherwise you might need to save this method for when you are skiing your local mountain.

To reduce any inflammation after skiing, get that cold water running in the tub. Fill it up with all the ice you can get and take the plunge. Hold it for a good few minutes and the. You might even want to jump into a hot tub if you have access to one. Ice baths are often overlooked and underrated by skiers for recovery. They can be a total game changer on a long trip.

Final Thoughts on How to Recover After Skiing or Snowboarding

Recovering your muscles after skiing and snowboarding needs to be more forefront when taking a ski trip. Think about how you will recover when you are on a ski trip so you can make the most of your time on the mountain and limit getting worn out and tired.

Start by taking a few tools when you travel like the Thera Gun, heating pad, recovery drink and some compression wraps. Once you are prepared for skiing or snowboarding and treat your body properly after a day on the slopes, you’ll have a much more enjoyable trip and experience!

Let us know if you are big into recovery after skiing or snowboarding and if you use some of these tools after you hit the mountain.

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