A Look at CAPiTA Snowboards Quality

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CAPiTA snowboards have big names behind them, big graphics and affordable prices but are CAPiTA snowboards good? It’s something you shouldn’t just assume. We’ll judge if CAPiTA snowboards are good or not as we look at the selection, quality, pricing and graphics.

Let’s get into it!

capita snowboards

CAPiTA Snowboards: How is the Selection?

Any style you are looking for, CAPiTA has it. They have boards to destroy the powder, reck the resorts and even hit the backcountry in uncharted territories. Whatever gets your gears grinding on the slopes, they are on board.

So Where are CAPiTA Snowboards Made?

CAPiTA’s snowboards are hand-crafted in Austria. The real kicker is they are made with 100% clean energy. That’s something we totally stand behind. Their flagship facility, the CAPiTA Mothership sources 98% of materials locally within a five-hour drive of the facility.

Aside from sourcing local materials, and producing their own energy, CAPiTA uses sustainable materials to go the extra mile. While we aren’t sold they have the very best snowboard on the market just yet, we will say they are a true leader in ecologically responsible snowboard production.

Get Wild in the Backcountry

Push your limits with a CAPiTA snowboard.

As you can find pretty much any snowboard profile in the CAPiTA line up and they are made responsibly, they scored a respectable 8.3 out of 10.

CAPiTA Snowboards Quality

Capita Mercury

Back when Blue Montgomery was snowboarding, he had to know the quality of a good snowboard. One where the topcoat doesn’t peel off. A snowboard that can take a beating on the park’s rails and still shred up the slopes. He’s put all his knowledge into the quality at CAPiTA snowboards.

Not only does CAPiTA manufacture with the environment in mind but it is still a large part of their thought process when picking materials. They use cutting-edge materials like advanced resin and a special blend of fiberglass for the laminates. The bases come in sintered, extruded and even some that are a mix of the two styles.

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The woods in the core are some of the most efficient woods for snowboarding such as beech and popular.

Throw what you want at a CAPiTA board and it is going to stand up. If it doesn’t they have a really good warranty on their boards. Don’t just take it from us though, the amount of pros riding CAPiTA speaks to the quality too.

CAPiTA boards have no questions on their quality score an 8.1 out of 10.

The Price of CAPiTA Snowboards: Worth It?

capita springbreak

Most of CAPiTA’s snowboards are sub $500. With that being said, we know you might rule them out as a beginner to intermediate boards due to the price point. That’s not the case.

CAPiTA snowboards have boards for all-level riders. They just have their manufacturing costs nailed down to offer some of the more affordable snowboards for the quality you are getting. We call that good value!

Compared to other sub $500 snowboards, CAPiTA often goes above the competition. Materials, warranty, quality, you name it and they are outperforming for the price point.

At the price point that CAPiTA is aiming for, they are one of the top of the game. We scored CAPiTA an 8.3 of 10 for the price compared to quality.

CAPiTA Snowboard Graphics

capita children of the gnar

While CAPiTA snowboard graphics are clean, they aren’t over the top. When putting out a line up of around 20 boards we understand they can’t go all out on every board. There definitely is something for everyone though.

Some of the CAPiTA boards have chill vibes like the CAPiTA Spring beak or CAPiTA Mercury. CAPiTA then contrasts it well with boards like the Ultrafear and kid’s Children of the Gnar.

Out Ride Your Buddies

Choose CAPiTA and don’t look back.

Overall, the graphics on CAPiTA boards fill the spectrum. Come on, do you really need more? Their graphics score them an 8.2 out of 10 on graphics.

The Best CAPiTA Snowboards

Would we ride a CAPiTA board? They have our seal of approval. That just begs the question, which board to choose…

Here are a few of our favorite CAPiTA snowboards:

Final Thoughts: Are CAPiTA Snowboards Good?

CAPiTA snowboards tick the box as good in our book. Heck, the whole family can ride CAPiTA if they want to. Now that’s a complete snowboard lineup. As CAPiTA continues to work on their technology, they are a no brainer in our book.

Overall their total score comes to an 8.2 out of 10.

Do yourself a favor and try a CAPiTA board if you haven’t already. They are seriously fun to ride!

Jessie Gonzalez writes for Proper Peaks and lives in Stockton, CA. One of her favorite things about snowboarding is seeing beginners get started and watching them enjoy the sport.

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