Is Skiing Good for Retirees? Pros and Cons

Retiree skiers looking at map, at ski slope.

Is skiing good for retirees? You bet! Skiing as a retiree as something many people wait for all their life. Weekday runs, free skiing and wide-open trails. It sounds like everything you could have ever wanted as a kid, and no job!

Often people ask if they are too old to get into skiing. They see that many resorts offer free lifts for 65 or 70+ year old individuals. We will dive into if people are too late to learn skiing, some of the pros and cons of skiing as a retiree and how to stay safe out there on the mountain.

Am I Too Old to Learn Skiing?

They often say in life you are never too old for something you put your mind to. That is true in most respects but not true in skiing. It goes for snowboarding as well.

The older you get, the more careful you need to be with skiing, as with anything. That being said, 55 – 65, you can still learn skiing if you are in good shape. It is like learning any hobby. In fact, we know many people on the slopes in their 70’s.

Most retirees flock to the warm weather in the winter but if you are one that plans on sticking around in the snow then take a lesson to learn skiing. Even if you don’t plan to advance up to black diamonds, there are plenty of easier trails that you can stick to as a new skier or a retiree.

How Old Is Too Old for Snowboarding?

Snowboarding is a bit different. If you didn’t start young, it might be a bit harder to start later. When you try to learn snowboarding, it is inevitable to fall on the hips and butt. A set of crash shorts can help but we wouldn’t really recommend a retiree to learn snowboarding, knowing how some of the falls can be.

That’s not to say there isn’t falls in skiing but being attached to two skis can be a bit better than one board for falls.

Skiing as a Retiree, Pros vs Cons

Pros of Skiing as a Retiree

  • Discounted or free lift tickets
  • Less crowded trails during weekdays
  • Great winter exercise
  • Gets retirees outside in the fresh air

Fun fact: Skiing can burn on average 350 calories an hour. Making for an excellent way to stay fit.

Cons of Skiing as a Retiree

  • Falls can be more dangerous
  • Be aware of any health issues on the mountain

Analyzing the Good vs Bad of Skiing as a Retiree

Just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean you can’t ski, in fact, as we have mentioned if you are still active enough to get on the trails, you can ride the slopes while everyone else is at work. Hopefully, you have some retiree friends to ski with and that aren’t at work themselves.

The biggest fallback to skiing as a retiree is any injuries. Take it easy out on the slopes and just remember you aren’t that young kid you once were. Be thankful you are still out and getting a ride on the trails.

Pro Tip: To still get outside skiing but to make it a bit safer, consider switching over to Nordic skiing. It’s is still amazing exercise but often much less speed than downhill skiing.

Nordic Skiing for Retirees

Is skiing good for retirees? Lady with Nordic skis thinks so.

Nordic skiing is a great way for retirees to get outside, see the mountains and get exercise as well. If you have skied downhill but never Nordic then you will surely pick it up quick. A lot of the resorts will either let seniors onto the Nordic trails for free or a discounted rate too.

You’ll be able to ski as much as you want and will never even have to catch a chair lift. Nordic skiing is perfect for seniors to enjoy the beauty of the trails and wood with a lower risk to falls like downhill skilling.

Stay Safe As An Older Skier

“If you are taking a ski trip, then add your safety gear to your ski packing list as well.”

You can also consider wearing wrist braces under your gloves. It makes sense to start wearing these even if you didn’t before. One fall at an older age can be the end of your skiing journey. If you are taking a ski trip, then add your safety gear to your ski packing list as well.

The biggest safety tip for skiing when you are older is to be sensible of what you ride. There is no need to try to ride all the double black diamonds or moguls if that puts you in danger. Admit it, those days might be over but there are plenty of other trails to ski.

Finally, be honest about how much energy you have. It might not be the same as your 20’s on the ski slopes.

Skiing as a Retiree – Final Thoughts

As a retiree, skiing is one of the retiree activities that some people wait for, for years. You’ll get to experience the best powder, least crowded trails and all most likely at a discounted or free price. It is like having a massive park at your disposal as a kid and there is nothing like the feeling of a fresh run.

Stay active in your later years and don’t hang up your hobbies, skiing is great for retirees. Let us know what age you plan to ski till or how old some skiers are that you know.

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