7 Skiing Snacks for the Slopes: What to Eat on the Trails

Skier snacking on apple.

Anyone who has been skiing on the slopes knows that hunger sets in after a bit on the trails. If you didn’t pack skiing snacks for the slopes then you’ll be running down to the pub or food court and losing time on the trails. Don’t lose time on the slopes! You should always take some skiing snacks with you to munch on when riding back up the chair lift.

We will look at seven skiing snacks for the slopes, give you some good ideas and even let you know how much to bring. Let’s dive into it so don’t get hungry!

1. For the Healthy People – Veggies


So there are a few veggies we like to cut up and take on the ski slopes. Mainly carrot sticks and celery. Cut them up and prepare them into some zip lock bags. They will stay good all day in zip lock bags.

We like to put at least one zip lock back into a cargo pants pocket. You’ll never even notice it is there until you get hungry, then you’ll be able to pull it out.

2. Nuts

Any nuts make for a good skiing snack on the slopes. Almonds and peanuts are easy to pack and make for simple snacking on the chairlift. You’ll be able to get some energy, salt and protein back into your body by packing some nuts to take with you on the ski slopes.

3. The Classic Skiing Snack – Trail Bars

Most skiers and snowboarders have one of these stashed away in their jacket or pants pocket. Trail bars are great because they don’t take much space in a jacket and can pack down flat. They also come in just about any flavor imaginable. Some of our favorite trail bars to take skiing include –

  • White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bar
  • Chocolate Sea Salt Rx Bar
  • Kashi Trail Mix Bar
  • Seasonal Peppermint Bark Clif Bar
  • Vanilla Almond Rx Bar
Clif bar peppermint bark. A good skiing snack.

4. Pretzels

Salty, delicious and sure to fill a craving out in the ski slopes. Pretzels are a great snack to take skiing.

For something to hold you over in the mid morning or mid afternoon session, you can’t go wrong with some pretzels.

5. Fruits

Lady with apple

Fruits can be a bit tougher to take on the ski slopes because of their size. The two ones we lean towards are small apples or clementines. A large apple is going to be pretty uncomfortable but if you take a small one, you are unlikely to notice it.

If you want a real treat on the slopes then a clementine is the way to go. Wait until you peel it and that citrus smell hits your nose.

6. The Can’t Miss Skiing Snack – Sweets

You’re not you when you’re hungry… Grab a snickers. But seriously, stuff a snickers in your jacket for the mountain.

Another great candy bar to take on the trails is a Kit Kat. You can make a friend real quick in the lifts with a Kit Kat bar.

Not to offend anyone that is Reese fans, we didn’t forget you. A shout out goes to those peanut butter chocolate power cups on the slopes.

7. Crackers

Ritz Bits. Our favorite skiing snack.

Animal crackers or peanut butter crackers for a day on the ski slopes. It is tough choices to make. Maybe take both.

Nothing hits the spot like a good package of crackers when you are starving. Pack two if you have the space.

Some of our favorites are –

  • Ritz Bits Cheese
  • Animal Crackers
  • Keebler Toast and Peanut Butter

Some Other Thoughts on Skiing Snacks

Whichever skiing snacks you like to take on the trails, keep some in the car or hotel room as well. Then you can fill up mid day or in the evenings.

Bringing your own snacks when skiing won’t only keep you full and happy but then your stomach won’t be pressuring you to go down to one of the restaurants at the resort.

You’ll stay on the trails longer and heck, maybe even ride better if you just pack some skiing snacks.


Packing skiing snacks is just like packing skiing boots. They are essential! You can’t forget them! In fact, you shouldn’t even leave for a ski trip without a packing list. Here is everything you should check off before heading up to the mountains for a day.

If it was us, we would probably just take trail bars, sweets and crackers but let us know in the comments below some of your favorite snacks to take skiing.

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