What Size Snowboard Boots Do I Need? Guide, Chart & Pro Advice

Lace up snowboard boots

It doesn’t matter if you are renting snowboard boots or buying snowboard boots, it helps to know what sized snowboard boot you need. Having the proper sized snowboard boot will not only make for a better day on the trails but it will reduce fatigue and injury if you are properly sized. Plus, it doesn’t even make sense to spend money on snowboard boots if you don’t know what size you are.

Read on to learn what size snowboard boots you need, how to pick them and common pitfalls in choosing snowboard boots.

How Snowboard Boots Are Sized

The first thing to know about snowboard boots is they come in regular sizing and also the option of wide-sized boots. Wide-sized snowboard boots are for people with wide feet.

Regular sizing is similar to shoes. A nine is a nine and a ten is a ten. Knowing this is a good start for picking out a snowboard boot size.

Are Snowboard Boots Sized Like Shoes?

Snowboard boots are like shoes. They have different sizes for kids, women’s and men’s but all follow the standard shoe size numbering system. If you wear a men’s 10 shoe then you should be pretty close in snowboard boat sizing. Here is a chart of the standard sizing for snowboard boots.

Men’s Snowboard Boot Size (US)Women’s Snowboard Boot Size (US)Mondo Snowboard Boot Size
8 – youth15
9 – youth16
10 – youth17
11 – youth17.5
12 – youth18.5
13 – youth19.5
13.5 – youth20

Pro Tip: While snowboard boots are sized like shoes, snowboard socks need to be considered. Often snowboard socks are thick and going a half boot size up from your shoe size will be the best size snowboard boot.

What Size Snowboard Boot is Needed For Kids?

You can measure a kids foot size at home to get a good idea of the snowboard boot size needed. Here is a full sizing chart for kids snowboard boots.

Kid’s Snowboard Boot SizeFoot Length in Inches
17 Inches
27.5 Inches
38 Inches
48.5 Inches
59 Inches
69.5 Inches
710 Inches

Do Snowboard Boots Run True to Size?

Pro Tip: Buy multiple pairs of the same snowboarding socks. This way, you’ll get the same consistent fit with your boots every time. Otherwise, you may find your boot to be too loose or too tight if you are switching socks.

What Is The Difference Between BOA and Lace Up Snowboard Boots

BOA snowboard boots.
BOA snowboard boots.

BOA boots seem appealing to some people because they look fancier than a traditional lace up snowboard boot, are supposed to be faster and are claimed to offer a better fit. While companies still make them, they have cut back on BOA boots. Having the ratcheting BOA system just allows for more parts that can break.

If you are riding a lot then traditional lace up snowboard boots can often offer a better fit and last longer. Plus it is much easier to replace some snowboard laces instead of a BOA system.

The dialed in sizing of a BOA boots and speed advantage vs lace up snowboard boots is small at best.

How Tight Should Snowboard Boots Be

Beginners often make the mistake of having snowboard boots that are too tight. A good rule of thumb is that your calves should be comfortable in the back of the snowboard boots and you should be able to wiggle your toes in the bottom of the boot.

Avoid any boots that are too tight in the calves and feet because they will only get tighter as you ride and tight feet swell a little. With that being said. There is no need to get something oversized as well.

Picking the Right Size Snowboard Boot

Lace up snowboard boots.

Now with a bit more knowledge than before, you should know what size snowboard boot you need. It should be something around your normal shoe size but adjust for the socks you plan to wear on the slopes. It is well worth it to take the socks you plan to wear and try on a few brands.

Most snowboard boot brands are sized the same since they follow standard sizing but there may be small differences. If you are getting boots online, and not in-store, consider going half a size up from your shoe size. It also helps if you have bought a certain brand’s boots before or can try on a friend. Also, leverage off the sizing of rental boots you may have used.

Final Things to Consider with Snowboard Boot Sizing

Snowboard boot sizing is fairly straightforward with just a few pitfalls that we discussed. The largest is the socks that you will wear with your snowboard boots.

Having a properly fitting snowboard boot size is only going to lead to more enjoyable time on the slopes. Lace-up, don’t over tighten and you will be sure to have fun out there on the trails!

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