When Do You Need a Wide Snowboard? [Do I Need a Wide Snowboard?]

Are you big foot of the trails? If you have large feet then you may need a wide snowboard. So when do you need a wide snowboard? We’ll explain what wide snowboards are used for, who needs them and even explain in our chart, what size feet should be riding a wide snowboard.

Read on to find out if you should be riding a wide snowboard or a regular snowboard.

Wide snowboard on slopes

What Are Wide Snowboarded Used For?

Wide snowboards are used for people who have larger than average feet. Essentially their feet would hang over a regular-sized snowboard and this can cause toe or heel drag.

If you have already tried snowboarding but are catching toe or heel drag then it may be time to look into a wide snowboard, or at least demo one for a day.

Who Needs a Wide Snowboard? (Do I Need A Wide Snowboard?)

So who needs a wide snowboard? You need a wide snowboard if your snowboard boot size is over 15.5. If you can’t get your hands on a wide board then you should at least be adjusting the angle of your stance but the best solution is a wide board.

Regular vs Wide Snowboards: What’s the Difference Between the Two?

Regular snowboards are going to account for most of the snowboards you see out on the slopes and often at least 75% of the rental shops. Wide boards have a wider width than a regular board.

Snowboards are measured at the narrowest point in terms of board waist width. Board waist width is larger on wide boards vs regular boards. Having a larger board waist width means it takes fractions of seconds longer to transition from edge to edge.

What Does a Wide Snowboard Do?

A wide snowboard is a solution to eliminating toe drag or heel drag when out on the slopes. There is nothing more frustrating to beginners who go out and buy a snowboard but should have bought a wide snowboard instead of a regular-sized one.

This happens more than you think to beginners who are buying used snowboards, buy their snowboard based on the graphics and name but don’t know anything about snowboard sizing. The best thing you can do is read the manufacturer’s specs, ask a friend and get some advice before getting a snowboard. Toe drag and heel drag can be avoidable if you just get the correct width snowboard for your feet.

A wide snowboard corrects the issue of toe and heel drag by adding more board width under your feet.

Who Are Wide Snowboards Designed For?

Wide snowboards are designed for people with big feet. It’s as simple as that. The snowboard community wasn’t going to exclude people solely for having long feet. The wide snowboard was made a while back and it’s been accommodating people with long feet ever since.

How Do I Tell if I Need a Wide Snowboard?

Snowboarder with wide snowboard

You may already be in a position where you know you need a wide snowboard. Hopefully, you didn’t spend a day on the trails catching toe and heel edges but it happens to a lot of beginners. Sometimes even the rental shops don’t have wide boards and beginners get sent out to the slopes with regular boards.

For a rule of thumb, men with a snowboard boot size of more than 12.5 (US) should use a wide snowboard and women with a boot size greater than 8.5 (US).

What Width Are Wide Snowboards?

In addition to wide and regular snowboards, there are also narrow and mid-wide snowboards. You just really don’t hear much about them. The two main types are wide and regular. Here is a chart to match your snowboard boot size to your snowboard width size.

When Do You Need a Wide Snowboard? – Width Sizing Chart for Snowboarders

Snowboard WidthMen’s Snowboard Boot SizeSnowboard Waist Width
Regular8 to 12.5245mm-255mm
WideOver 12.5Over 260mm

What Brand Wide Snowboards Are Good?

Have you determined that you need a wide snowboard? If so, we get it, the number of snowboard brands can be overwhelming. Just know that almost all snowboard brands made wide snowboard sizes. You will find wide snowboards in Burton, Lib Tech, Ride and more.

A Quick Word On Snowboard Length Size When Compared to Wide Snowboards [Keep This in Mind]

Example of wide snowboard

When looking at wide snowboards, you can’t only consider your boot size and the snowboard width. Make sure you consider what you plan to ride and the length for that style of snowboarding. It will then help you find the most suited wide snowboard. Here are some things to keep in mind when finding a wide snowboard for your riding style and how it pairs with snowboard length.

All Mountain Freestyle Board Sizing: The snowboard’s tip should be right around the height of your chin, as long as the waist width of the snowboard fits the length of your snowboard boots/feet.

All Mountain Snowboard Sizes: The tip of the snowboard should be between your chin and your face’s nose. The snowboard’s waist width should be compatible with your feet i.e. no toe or heel drag over the board.

Powder Board Sizing: What to Know – Powder snowboards are often a bit smaller and directional compared to other styles of snowboards. Keep in mind the waist width of the board as we mentioned above and you’ll be able to pick out the right-sized powder snowboard.

Freeride Snowboard Sizing[Things to Keep in Mind]: The snowboard’s tip or nose should be closer to your face’s nose or above your nose as long as the waist width is compatible with your feet. Stand the board up in front of you to check the size.

Freestyle Snowboard Sizing: The tip of your snowboard should be below your chin. The waist width of the snowboard should fit your foot’s length.

Street Board Sizes: Street snowboards are small so you can get rotation. It doesn’t matter as much, how small you go in length but make sure the waist width fits the length of your snowboard boots.

So, Do I Need A Wide Snowboard?

At least now you will have a good idea if you need a wide snowboard. Wide snowboards are for those men and women with big boot sizes. With a wide snowboard, you can reduce any toe or heel drag and make for a fun day out on the slopes.

Make sure you refer to the width sizing charts and sizing tips when picking our your snowboard. It’s not like you’ll be buying a new board every season, so take your time and do your homework on wide snowboards.

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