Moose Mountain Ski Resort in Alaska: [Must Know Before You Go]

Moose Mountain Ski Resort in Alaska is one place you may not have heard of unless you are a local. At least your exposure to the resort will now change. Will it be worth a trip to visit and ski at Moose Mountain? That is to be determined. There is a lot going on at Moose and we’re going to let you in on it all.

Read on to learn if you should visit Moose Mountain in Fairbanks Alaska and what you need to know before you go. And yes, there are some important things to know about Moose Mountain compared to any other resort you ski.

Snowboarding at moose mountain ski resort

Where is Moose Mountain Ski Area Located?

Moose Mountain Ski Area is located in Fairbanks Alaska. To be exact it is about 30 minutes from downtown or 45 minutes from Eielson AFB.

Highlights of Moose Mountain Area

What’s a ski mountain without a few stats? Check out these stats before you head up to the mountain-

  • 1,300 feet of vertical
  • 750 acres
  • Peak: 1987 feet
  • Base 680 feet
  • Crown themselves as interior Alaska’s largest ski and snowboard area
  • No lifts

The Lift Situation at Moose Mountain Ski Resort

There are no lifts at Moose Mountain. Did you hear that correctly? Yes.

So you might be concerned with how you get to the top of the mountain and we understand. Previously Moose Mountain used to run a bus from the bottom back up to the top and you’d load up your equipment and go.

It wasn’t a particularly good option having to wait for a bus, crowding in, getting to smell the other people’s body odor and if they are smokers. Hey, it’s not for everyone right?

The current solution in place is to shuttle yourself back up to the top of the mountain if you and your friends bring AWD vehicles or you can travel uphill to the top by skinning or hiking. If you bring a vehicle, make sure it is made for the winter and ski resorts. Here are some of the best vehicles to get up the mountain at Moose Mountain, let alone, any mountain in the winter.

What is Moose Mountain Ski Area?

Moose Mountain is a large in size (750 acres) but small managed and run ski area. They certainly are a good place to ski with a choice of [42 trails] but not having a lift leaves a bit to be desired. The best option is to take a winter worthy car with a gear rack and swap driving up and down the mountain with your friends taking runs. Otherwise get ready for some serious exercise with hiking and skinning.

Lodging Near Moose Mountain Ski Area

You probably know by now that all the lodging options are back down in Fairbanks. Most people don’t fly out to Fairbanks to go to Moose Mountain but if you are in the area for some reason then you may as well take a trip out to the mountain.

Does Moose Mountain Ski Area Have Night Skiing?

There is no night skiing at Moose Mountain as the slopes close at 4:45 p.m.

The Best Time to Visit Moose Mountain Ski Area

Skiing at moose mountain.

You can’t really visit Moose Mountain Ski Area at a bad time. Knowing that there isn’t lifts and you need to work a bit for your runs, you won’t be faced by lift lines, masses of people or crowded trails.

Knowing upfront that you need to shuttle, hike or skin back to the top and you will be in for a good day.

Moose Mountain Ski and Snowboard Rentals

You can rent gear at Moose Mountain but you need an appointment. To rent gear at the mountain you need an appointment. You can make an appointment by emailing them and putting “ Rental Request” in the subject line.

Moose Mountain Ski Area Terrain Parks

Moose Mountain focuses on the downhill. You aren’t going to find terrain parks at Moose Mountain. What you will find is a high number of intermediate and difficult runs though. You can always catch a little boost on the side of some of the runs.

Is Moose Mountain Ski Area Good for Beginners?

Moose Mountain Ski Area is below average for beginners. There are only a few beginner runs and when you combine that with no lifts, it isn’t a mountain we would ever take a beginner to when you have a choice of ski areas.

Not having ski lifts can make it challenging for new skiers and boarders to get in runs.

If you don’t have any other options then make the best of Moose Mountain. It’s not like you can’t learn there. There is plenty of space to get comfortable before moving onto intermediate trails.

Trails at Moose Mountain – What to Know

More than half of the trails at Moose Mountain are geared towards intermediate and advanced level skiers and boarders. If you like a technical run, they have it. If you want something wide and long, Moose Mountain has it. Just about anything you are looking for except extremely steep terrain can be found at Moose Mountain Ski Area.

Final Thoughts:

Moose Mountain Ski Area is unique if you are going to put it into one word. Unique with their lift situation for a mountain of its size. Some people love hiking and skinning while others don’t.

If you are looking for some decent trails just outside of Fairbanks that you can’t go wrong with Moose Mountain just be mentally prepared for how you will get back up the mountain and you should have a great trip to the slopes.

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