Points North Heli-Skiing Alaska [The Best Alaska Heli-Skiing]

Does riding some of the best terrain in Alaska get you excited? What about accessing it with one of the best heli-skiing teams in the business? If you want one of the best Alaska heli-skiing operations to go adventure ski or shoot a skiing video with, it is Points North Heli-Adventures. Not only is the operation rich in Alaska’s heli-skiing history but the guides are top-notch as well.

Read on to find out why Points North Heli-Adventures is truly one of the best Alaska heli-skiing operations. They can make a trip of a lifetime into memories of a lifetime.

Chugach mountains Alaska

Where is Points North Heli-Adventures Located?

Points North Heli-Adventures (“PNH”) is located in Cordova Ak. Your best bet for getting out there is taking a flight from Seattle or Anchorage. For the individuals traveling from the lower 48, you can expect about a 3-hour flight from Seattle. Once you get to the Cordova airport, PNH has a shuttle waiting for their clients.

When is the Alaska Heli Skiing Season?

So big mountain skiing sounds amazing but can you go any time of the year? You might associate Alaska with the cold and skiing but in reality, the Alaska heli-skiing season only lasts from February to late April. All in all, the Alaska heli-skiing season is roughly 12 weeks in total.

Keeping this is mind will only help you plan for the perfect trip. Another thing to remember is February will have the deep powder but come April, you are looking at boot deep powder. While all months are excellent in the season, think about how much powder you want to experience. Alaska helicopter skiing is a bucket list item for many but you’ll have to plan for the season if you want to make it.

The Common Heli-Skiing Myth – Debunked

There isn’t just one heli-skiing operation in Alaska, everyone knows that. What most people don’t realize is all of the operators use the Chugach Mountains. When you are looking for your trip of a lifetime, you’ll often see some of these operators saying they have the best, largest and steepest terrain in Alaska.

It’s simply not true. They all utilize the Chugach Mountains.

Points North can access 2,000 square miles to ski and board. They can put you on any type of terrain you are looking for. Don’t believe that some of the other operations have some “secret” or special terrain, it’s just not the case.

PNH Heli-Skiing Highlights

So while much doesn’t separate the heli-skiing operations in Alaska aside from the guides, it is still worth taking a look at some of PNH’s highlights they have to offer –

  • Epic and lifetime memories to be made!
  • 3 Helicopters
  • Access to over 2,000 sq miles of terrain
  • Options for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Expert Terrain
  • All meals included
  • Transportation included
  • Super professional and friendly staff

Alaska Heli Skiing Cost: How Much Are Alaska Heli Skiing Packages?

getting ready to heli ski

Alaska heli-skiing packages can seem expensive but for most people, this is a once and a lifetime experience unless they are lucky enough to go back. The cost of heli-skiing is heavily driven by the helicopter itself. Some companies like Valdez charge an additional $5,000 per heli hour. PNH comes in at $1,150 per additional hour.

In total, the Alaska heli-skiing cost often starts in the $6,000 range and can go well up to over $7,500 for a weekly skiing or snowboarding package. Most 7 day packages fall in the $7,000 range with PNH offering an all-inclusive package at $7,495. Gratuity is not included but you’ll probably be inclined to show a bit of appreciation once you have a trip of a lifetime out on the mountain.

Peak Seeker Takeaway: Be on the lookout for companies that have a lot of addons and ones that charge additionally for meals and lodging. In the end, it can be much more expensive. PNH isn’t one of them but there are plenty out there.

The Guides at Points North: Getting Familiar

Want to ride with some of the best in the business? Who doesn’t? If you want highly experienced, professional, safe and fun guides, then you will have no issues finding them at Points North. With more accomplishments and accolades to list, the staff at PNH are impressive to say the least.

You just don’t find heli-operations with quite a few people on the staff having 20+ years of experience. It all adds up and truly shines through to the clients at Points North heli-skiing Alaska.

Final Thoughts on Points North Heli-Adventures

So is heli-skiing worth it? Give Points North Heli-Adventures a try and report back in the comments. Their experience will have you saying it totally is!

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