Ski Land: The Place You’ll Want to Ski Near Fairbanks AK

Ski Land is the place you’ll want to ski near Fairbanks Alaska. Residents and visitors of Fairbanks have the option of Moose Mountain and Ski Land. If you have been to Moose Mountain, you’ll quickly see why Ski Land is the place you’ll want to spend your time. With a proper ski lift and a wide range of trails, you will certainly find a trail that you love at Ski Land.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Ski Land in Fairbanks Alaska before heading up to the slopes.

Skiing at ski land Alaska

Where is Ski Land Located?

Ski Land is located in Fairbanks, Alaska. It is just over 30 minutes from downtown Fairbanks. If you head up to the mountain then you’ll want a proper ski vehicle with snow tires and all-wheel drive.

There are two main skiing options near Fairbanks, Ski Land and Moose Mountain. While Ski Land is a bit further, the drive is worth it. Moose Mountain doesn’t have any ski lifts.

What is Ski Land?

Ski Land is a community ski area, family-fun but most of all, open to all. If you get up to Ski Land from the lower 48, it’s the place you will be talking about for the next winter. The big mountain vibes, low crowds and endless lines will make any skier or snowboarder drooling for more runs.

Lodging Near Ski Land Ak

You probably know by now that all the lodging options and hotels near Ski Land will be in back down in Fairbanks. The vast majority of skiers are local but if you are flying into Fairbanks for business or personal reasons and need some lodging then the SpringHill Suites by Marriott and the Westmark Fairbanks are the two best lodging options closest to Ski Land.

If you are looking to do a weekend ski getaway to Ski Land then you can check vacation rental by owner and grab a cabin close to the slopes.

Does Ski Land Have Night Skiing?

There is no night skiing at Ski Land as the lifts close at 5:00 p.m on the days the ski area is open.

The Best Time to Visit

Ski Land doesn’t have the crowds of the lower 48. If you take a trip out there you might have to wait for a few minutes on the lift at worst but to be fair, there is never a bad time to visit Ski Land.

Deep snow at Ski Land.

Ski Land Rentals: What to Know

If you fly into Fairbanks or are even a local that doesn’t have their own skis or snowboard then you can rent from Ski Land. All their rental gear consists of Salomon and Burton. You’ll still need to bring along those winter clothes though.

The Terrain Park

You might be wondering if a mountain-like Ski Land would even have a terrain park. If that is your go-to, then you are in luck. Get off the Silver Star and hang a left off the lift to get to the Hulbert Nanook terrain park.

It has enough boxes, jumps and jibs to hit a park lap before taking a trail like Cindy’s Hot Chocolate back down the slopes.

Is Ski Land Good for Beginners?

If you want to learn to ski or snowboard near Fairbanks then Ski Land is the place you need to go. Take a friend and have them teach you if possible. First, get started on Sunny Side Carpet.

Once you can ride the carpet with ease and confidently, you’ll need to learn to get on the ski lift because the Silverstar lift is the access to all your trails. Make sure you have some stopping and turning skills from Jacqui’s Jaunt before getting on the lift of course.

From there, beginners can slowly start on Blueberry Bowl, hone their skills and work up to harder trails.

Trails at Ski Land – What to Know

So it’s your first time going to Ski Land, what should you ride… Don’t worry, here is a list of some of the best trails at each level.


  • Jacqui’s Aunt
  • Silver Park Traverse


  • Goldrush
  • Magnifico


  • Pete’s Paradise
  • Willie’s Way

Uphill Travel at Ski Land

Final Thoughts:

Ski Land is the place to go skiing near Fairbanks, without a doubt. You always think of the cold in Alaska and pair that with winter activities but there isn’t a lot of choices for skiing and snowboarding. Luckily, Ski Land is a good one.

If you are a new rider or a rider just looking to return to the trails, give Ski Land a try, ride the local famous Blueberry Bowl and have fun!

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