Eaglecrest Ski Area: Juneau Alaska’s Ski Guide

Eaglecrest Ski Area call themselves, “Alaska Best-Kept Secret”, we call Eaglecrest one of the best ski resorts in Alaska. This community-owned and operated ski area doesn’t disappoint with its over 640 acres for skiers and snowboarders. If you are looking for a real Alaskan ski area with a real Alaska experience, Eaglecrest is the place.

Read on to learn everything about Eaglecrest and answer any burning questions you might have.

Lifts and lodge at Eaglecrest.
Lifts and lodge at Eaglecrest. Photo Credit: BlackwaterSurfer (Flickr CC)

Where is Eaglecrest Ski Area Located?

Eaglecrest Ski Area is located in Juneau, Alaska. If you are familiar with the famous Glacier Bay National Park then you will find Juneau just a bit south-east. Juneau is just 15 minutes away from the ski area. You are pretty much only going to find locals unless you fly in on hop on a ferry to Jeneau.

If you want to fly to Juneau then you can hop on a flight from Anchorage if you are coming from out west or Seattle if you are coming from down south. The flight is only 2 and a half hours from Seattle and an hour and a half for those coming down from Anchorage.

For those that fly in and want to go to Eaglecrest, you better rent an all wheel drive if you want to get up to the ski area. You have been forewarned.

You might be tempted to hit some resorts in B.C. instead but if you give Eaglecrest a try, you won’t want to leave. The limited access means lift lines are next to non-existent.

Peak Seeker Insider Tip: Fly Alaska Air, Alaska Seaplane or ferry and you can get a free lift ticket for the same day you arrive in Juneau if you present your photo id, and boarding pass at the ski area ticket window.

Highlights of Eaglecrest Ski Area

What’s a ski mountain without a few stats? Check out these stats before you head up to the mountain-

  • 1,620 feet of vertical drop
  • 640 acres
  • Longest run: 2 miles
  • 26 feet of annual snow on average
  • Peak elevation of 2,750 feet

What is Eaglecrest Ski Area?

Eaglecrest is a community ski area, family-fun but most of all, open to all. If you get up to Eaglecrest Ski Area from the lower 48, it’s the place you will be talking about for the next winter.

The big mountain vibes, low crowds and endless lines will make any skier or snowboarder drooling for more runs. To get an on the trails preview of Eaglecrest, make sure you watch this…

Lodging Near Eaglecrest Ski Area Ak

You probably know by now that all the lodging options and hotels near Eaglecrest Ski Area will be in Juneau. Here is a list of some of the best ones.

  • Four Points by Sheraton
  • Silverbow Inn Hotel and Suites
  • Ramada Juneau
  • Alaska’s Capital Inn Bed and Breakfast
  • The Alaskan Hotel and Bar

There are some good local options like The Alaskan Hotel and Bar or the Alaska’s Capital Inn Bed and Breakfast. Alternatively you can opt for something you may already know such as the Four Points or the Ramada.

Does Eaglecrest Ski Area Have Night Skiing?

There is no night skiing at Eaglecrest as the lifts close at 4:00 p.m.

The Best Time to Visit Eaglecrest Ski Area

You can’t really visit Eaglecrest Ski Area at a bad time. It’s not like your Colorado resorts or east coast resorts in the U.S. where you stand in lift lines and fight the crowds.

You can expect to snow up to Eaglecrest and get amazing powder with little to no lift lines. The only lines you need to be concerned with are the endless ones you can pick on the slopes.

Top of the mountain, Eaglecrest in Juneau. Photo Credit: BlackwaterSurfer (Flickr CC)

Eaglecrest Ski Area Rentals: What to Know

Flying in to visit Eaglecrest and don’t want to bring your own gear? Don’t worry as the rental shop at the ski area rents skis, snowboard, cross country skis and demo equipment. You can get the latest prices and even the rental form here.

Eaglecrest Ski Area Terrain Parks

Eaglecrest has a mix of freestyle terrain as well as the Beacon Park for people who want to work a bit more on their tricks. While it is mainly downhill riding at Eaglecrest, you’ll be sure to find a bunch of places to get funky on the mountain.

Is Eaglecrest Ski Area Good for Beginners?

Eaglecrest Ski Area is a great area for beginners with plenty of easy terrain to ride. The ski area is community minded and with that new skiers and snowboarders are always using Eaglecrest as a learning ground. As they grow with their own confidence and progress, quickly they can unlock more trails to explore like Barrel Roll, Drifter and eventually the East Bowl Chutes.

Trails at Eaglecrest – What to Know

The trails are broken out into the following split at the ski area –

  • 20% Beginner
  • 40% Intermediate
  • 40% Expert

This split makes it completely worth the travel into Juneau for an intermediate to advanced rider, all while being a great place to learn for the local community!

What is to Come at Eaglecrest Ski Area

Looking out over Mendenhall Valley at Eaglecrest. Photo Credit: BlackwaterSurfer (Flickr CC)

The big rumblings at Eaglecrest include talks about obtaining a used Pulse Gondola from Austria. While the meetings are ongoing, this could mean better uphill travel and expanded summer activities at the mountain. The projected gondola could carry up to 800 or 900 passengers an hour if a fourth cabin is added to the pods.

It is certainly exciting times at Eaglecrest as they weigh the decision of a multi-million dollar gondola to the mountain.

Other Winter Activities at Eaglecrest

The nordic trails at Eaglecrest are worth a ski if you have the time during a visit. You can rent the gear at the shop so there is no excuse not to try it unless you are having too much fun with the downhill riding. While a lot of people come for the downhill riding you still get a loyal following from the community that uses the nordic trails for some great winter exercise.

Is There Summer Mountain Biking at Eaglecrest ?

Mountain biking has been a hit or miss of sorts at Eaglecrest and it’s not much to mention. Things could all change if the new Pulse Gondola is acquired and if the summer activity plan is prioritized. Not only could it bring more people and revenue to Eaglecrest but it is also an activity they are considering with some serious thought due to global warming.

Final Thoughts:

Eaglecrest Ski Area is worth a flight in. Once you go once, you’ll want to go again. At least that is the great thing about passes like the Indy Pass. Realistically if you live in Seattle, you could hit Eaglecrest in early season and again in late season.

With some of the best skiing in Alaska, you need to put Eaglecrest on your must ride list. Hopefully you’ve answered all your questions, all that is left is booking a flight.

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