Hilltop Ski Area in Anchorage Alaska: 10 Trails of Local Skiing

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Hilltop before you head out there to ski or snowboard.

The box at Hilltop Ski Area.
The box at Hilltop Ski Area. Photo Credit: JGS Concepts (Flickr CC, cropped)

Where is Hilltop Ski Area Located?

Hilltop Ski Area is located in Anchorage, Alaska. It is just a few minutes west of Service High School. While you don’t get a lot of out of towners going to Hilltop, you can still stop in if you are flying into Ted Stevens and want to get a bit of mountain time while in Anchorage.

Highlights of Hilltop Area

What’s a ski area without a few stats? Check out these stats before you head up to the hill-

  • 10 trails
  • 1 chairlift, 1 rope tow and a surface lift
  • 294 feet of vertical drop
  • Peak: 786 feet
  • Base: 492 feet

What is Hilltop Ski Area?

Hilltop is a community focuses and non-profit driven ski area servicing the community of Anchorage. They don’t just provide winter fun but year around fun to the kids, teens and adults nearby.

Does Hilltop Ski Area Have Night Skiing?

The best park about Hilltop is that they are open till 8 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays in the winter. This gives you time to head up after work or school and catch some runs on the slopes.

If you want the latest view of the trails then be sure to check out the Hilltop webcams.

The Best Time to Visit Hilltop Ski Area

It is always a good time to visit the Hilltop Ski Area. Low lift lines and enough runs to choose from makes any skier or boarder happy. The weekends tend to see a bit more traffic but it is nothing like some packed ski resorts in the midwest.

Rental Gear at Hilltop: What to Know

You don’t need your own equipment to ski or snowboard at Hilltop. That means whether you are a local or flying in for a trip in Anchorage, you can get on the slopes! They even offer season rentals too.

The rental shop can get a bit busy on weekends and the holidays so make sure to get there early if you want to get on the hill quickly. It is also the place to stop in if you need a hot wax, edge sharpen or binding adjustment.

Hilltop Ski Area Terrain Parks

Hilltop Ski Area terrain park
Throwing it down at Hilltop Ski Area terrain park. Photo Credit: JGS Concepts (Flickr CC, cropped)

What would a local ski area be without some decent rails and a few jumps? Hilltop has all that for the park riders. They even have everyone throw down a rail jam they put on to see who is the best rider. Some of the features they put into the park include –

  • Down flat down rail
  • Boxes
  • Waterfall rail
  • 10, 20 and 30 ft jumps
  • Rainbow rail
  • Culvert

Be sure to check out the terrain park and Porcupine if you want to ride a bit of freestyle. Take a lesson if you are new to the game.

Is Hilltop Ski Area Good for Beginners?

Along with the group and private lessons at the snowsport school, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the trails. Just a few of the lessons offered are as follows –

  • Tiny Turns – Private 1 on 1 for ages 3-6
  • Mogul Moose – Group weekend lessons for kids ages 7-12
  • Hotdoggers – Group weekday lessons for kids holding a season pass, ages 7-12
  • Monday night shredders – Ages 13-17, beginner freestyle lessons
  • Adult beginner – Ages 18+ adult beginner group lessons

As you can see, Hilltop Ski area ski lessons are for all ages. Give Hilltop a call to learn more and book.

Snowboard lessons at Hilltop Ski Area,
Snowboard lessons at Hilltop Ski Area. Photo Credit: JGS Concepts (Flickr CC, cropped)

Other Winter Activities at Hilltop

Aside from the downhill terrain park and many options for lessons, Hilltop also has the HART. The HART is the Hilltop Alpine Race Team. The team works on skills and drills to develop as an alpine ski racer.

The HART starts kid off young with an intro to ski racing at ages 5 and 6 before they progress into the development and elite programs. Wherever you want to get in ski racing, the HART team can help you build your skills and get there!

Is There Summer Mountain Biking at Hilltop ?

Hilltop not only has a summer mountain biking park for the community of Anchorage but they lay claim to the northernmost bike park in the United States.

The hill steps up their game in the summer with lift assisted downhill mountain biking. If you are looking for something to do in the summer and want to get outside in Anchorage then be sure to check out the bike park for a bit of two wheeled fun.

Final Thoughts:

Take a trip out there already, the trails will naturally convert you from getting a lift ticket to wanting a season pass once you ride them!

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