Laurel Mountain Ski Resort: Skiing in One of Pennsylvania’s State Parks

Laurel Mountain Ski Resort is one of the few resorts on state park land in Pennsylvania. The resort is tucked away in Laurel Mountain State Park and is home to it’s famous trail the Lower Wildcat Slope. It is the steepest slope in the state and challenging to even the very best riders. The resort used to only be open to affluent PA residents, it is now open for everyone.

Find out everything you need to know before heading up to Laurel Mountain Ski Resort this Winter!

Trails at Laurel Mountain. LValleyGirl26, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Where is Laurel Mountain Ski Resort?

Laurel Mountain Ski Resort is located in Lingonir, Pennsylvania, which is on the West side of the state. It is 1.5 hours from Pittsburgh which makes for a great weekend trip out of the city. Laurel Mountain is also 3.5 hours from Washington D.C. and 1 hour and forty minutes from Morgantown, WV.

While everyone is driving up to the Poconos, you can head to Western PA to check out Laurel Mountain.

Does Laurel Mountain Have Lodging?

Laurel Mountain is affiliated with Seven Springs Resort and Hidden Valley resort. Lodging can be booked at these two sites and Seven Springs can accommodate more than 5,000 guests. Seven Springs and Hidden Valley are within half an hour drive of Laurel Mountain.

An alternative option to stay closer to Laurel Mountain is checking vacation rental by owner (“Vrbo”). It can be a great option if you have pets to bring too. We recommend booking ahead as the closest Vrbos to Laurel Mountain book up early. Then everyone else is left driving back to Seven Springs and Hidden Valley.

Key Takeaways: The is no on site lodging at Laurel Mountain Ski Resort. The resort’s sister resorts Seven Springs and Hidden Valley have lodging. Vrbos are also a good option to look into.

Does Laurel Mountain Resort Have Night Skiing?

Laurel Mountain Ski Resort has night skiing on all their Eastern trails. There are a few trails on the West side that do not have night time skiing but for the most part, 90% of the resort has night skiing.

When Is the Best Time to Go to Laurel Mountain Ski Resort?

When Seven Springs Resort fills up, it is time to check out Laurel Mountain Ski Resort.

Generally crowds will be up at Seven Springs or Hidden Valley. Laurel Mountain is best to visit right in the heart of the season as it can see a little lighter crowds.

Does Laurel Mountain Have a Ski Shop?

Laurel Mountain can help with a tune up shop inside the rental store at the resort. Mainly though they just focus on rentals which includes Rossignol skis and Burton snowboards to get people on the trails.

Highlights of the Laurel Mountain Ski Resort

Laurel Mountain has a long dated history at it’s ski slopes with some of the best runs in PA. Some of the highlights of the resort include –

  • 20 Trails, 1 ski lift and 1 surface lift
  • 70 Skiable Acres
  • 761 foot vertical drop. The largest in the state!
  • 2,766 foot summit elevation
  • Night skiing available
  • Affiliated with Seven Springs and Hidden Valley Resorts

Is There a Terrain Park at Laurel Mountain Ski Resort?

Snowboarder at Laurel Mountain in PA.

Laurel Mountain Ski Resort is solely focus on mountain riders. There is no terrain park at the resort. This dates back to it’s rich history of being an exclusive resort. If you are looking for a terrain park, than Seven Springs is a better choice.

Is Laurel Mountain Good for Beginners?

Laurel Mountain is a great beginners resort with 10 beginner runs. Beginner runs make up half of the trails at Laurel Mountain Ski Resort. In addition, new riders don’t have to deal with any type of terrain park features or riders since it is an all mountain resort.

Does Laurel Mountain Blow Their Own Snow?

Laurel Mountain Ski Resort has snow making on 100% of their trails which makes them a reliable resort for opening in early December.

How Many Trails Does Laurel Have?

Lower Wildcat Slope is one of the hardest ski trails in Pennsylvania. The slope averages around 60%.

Skiers and snowboarders will find one of the hardest trails in the state at Laurel Mountain too. Lower Wildcat Slope averages right around 60% slope. You haven’t done Pennsylvania skiing if you consider yourself an expert but haven’t ridden the Lower Wildcat at Laurel Mountain.

One other thing to be aware of is Laurel Mountain has cross country ski trails. Stop by the rental shop if you want to rent a pair of cross country skis and hit the trails.

Does Laurel Mountain Have Snow Tubing?

The resort doesn’t have snow tubing but their sister resorts Seven Springs and Hidden Valley both have snow tubing. It makes sense for some families to stay at Seven Springs and then take a day trip to Hidden Valley and Laurel Mountain. If they want full resort features than Seven Springs is a great place to stay.

Is There Summer Mountain Biking at Laurel Mountain?

There is no mountain biking at Laurel Mountain Ski Resort in the Summer. Fortunately it’s sister resort Seven Springs has a excellent downhill mountain biking in the Summer.

While Laurel Mountain hosts the occasional wedding, it often slows down in the summer while the state park stays open.


Laurel Mountain Ski Resort is one of the few state parks in Pennsylvania that is a ski resort. It is affiliated with Seven Springs and Hidden Valley so consider completing the all three. Laurel Mountain has the biggest vertical in the state, along with one of the hardest trails. Beginners shouldn’t feel left out though with the ten trails for them.

We want to know how many times you have been to Laurel Mountain and if you have been on the Lower Wildcat Trail. Let us know in the comments below!

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