Elk Mountain Ski Resort: 1 Pennsylvania Ski Resort You Need to Know

Elk Mountain Ski Resort is a hidden gem of Pennsylvania skiing and snowboarding. Just 35 minutes north of Scranton, PA, the resort gets away from most of the crowds that are in the Poconos skiing. Elk Mountain is a ski and snowboard mountain for enthusiasts. They don’t have tubing or night skiing but they do have great trails.

Read on to learn everything you need to know before visiting Elk Mountain Ski Resort in Union Dale, Pennsylvania!

Where is Elk Mountain Resort?

Directions to elk mountain ski resort from Philadelphia.
Getting to Elk Mountain Resort. Photo Credit: William Yurasko (Flickr CC)

Elk Mountain Ski Resort is located in Union Dale, Pennsylvania, which is the north-east corner of the state. The resort is a 35 minute drive from Scranton, PA. It is 3 hours from New York and 2.5 hours from Philadelphia.

The resort is a bit further drive from the cities than the resorts in the Poconos but it is worth it for less crowded mountains and the great scenery.

Does Elk Mountain Ski Resort Have Lodging?

Elk Mountain Ski Resort does not have lodging on site. There is a comfort inn 20 miles away but Elk Mountain is pretty remote. The best option to make Elk Mountain the most enjoyable is to book a nearby Airbnb. There are a mix of cabins just nearby to the slopes.

Booking a vacation rental by owner near Elk Mountain is a good option because there are a lot of price ranges and different style places to stay, to choose from.

Key Takeaways: There is no on site lodging at Elk Mountain. Booking an VRBO is the best option if planning to do more than a day trip.

Does Elk Mountain Ski Resort Have Night Skiing?

Elk Mountain Ski Resort has limited night skiing on their trails till 9:00 p.m. Night skiing at Elk Mountain is limited to about 30% of all the skiable area. It can be a great experience when the slopes thin out and people head home. Just make sure you are staying close by too!

When Is the Best Time to Go to Elk Mountain?

The best time to go to Elk Mountain Ski Resort is early in the morning. The resort loads the lifts at 8:30 a.m. each day so it is best to be to the resort by 7:30 a.m. and getting gear squared away. The resort is generally less crowded than the Pocono resorts so the weekends aren’t as much of an issue as other places.

Does The Resort Have a Ski Shop?

The ski shop at Elk Mountain isn’t as extensive as other ski resorts. They do have all the essentials but it is mainly cold weather apparel. Elk Mountain carries Giro, The North Face, Volcom, Burton, Scott and more.

Be sure to grab a nice souvenir or gift skiing at Elk Mountain.

Highlights of the Elk Mountain

Peak at Elk Mountain Ski Resort
Peak at Elk Mountain Ski Resort. Photo Credit: William Yurasko (Flickr CC)

Elk Mountain is one of the lessor known resorts to new skiers and snowboarders in Pennsylvania and that is sometimes a good thing! Some of the highlights of the resort include –

  • 27 Trails and 6 Lifts
  • 180 Skiable Acres!
  • 2 terrain parks
  • Newly renovated Winter Garden Restaurant
  • Generally lesser crowds than the Poconos

Is There a Terrain Park at Elk Mountain Resort?

Elk Mountain boasts two terrain parks. The Little Foot terrain park is best for beginner skiers and snowboarders while Stompin’ Grounds is for the more seasoned riders. The park team works through out the season to add new features to both parks like rails, jumps and boxes.

Is Elk Mountain Good for Beginners?

Elk Mountain is more catered to non first time riders. While there is green slopes, a majority at Elk Mountain are intermediate and advanced. The benefit to being a beginner rider at Elk Mountain is the trails are often much less crowded than resorts to the south.

Since it is a bit further from the city, the wide and less crowded trails can help new riders.

Does Elk Mountain Ski Resort Blow Their Own Snow?

Elk Mountain Ski Resort has snow making on 100% of their trails. They strive to have perfectly manicured snow and take great pride in their trails. All their hard work give Elk Mountain some of the best groomed trails to ride in the state.

How Many Trails Does Elk Mountain Ski Resort Have?

Trail Map at Elk Mountain Ski Resort.
Trail Map at Elk Mountain Ski Resort. Photo Credit: William Yurasko (Flickr CC)

There are 27 trails at Elk Mountain with 6 lifts servicing them. 75% of the trails are intermediate to advanced which helps the mountain stand out with some of the more challenging riding in Pennsylvania.

Does Elk Mountain Have Snow Tubing?

One thing that Elk Mountain doesn’t have is snow tubing. They cater to snowboarding and skiing only! They put all their effort into maintaining the slopes for riders and it shows. Riders at Elk Mountain will tell you there is no need for snow tubing.

Is There Summer Mountain Biking at Elk Mountain Resort?

During the summer, Elk Mountain slows down quite a bit. Currently they don’t offer mountain biking and the resort becomes pretty dormant.


Elk Mountain Ski Resort is one of the larger resorts in Pennsylvania in terms of skiable acres. They have more skiable acres than some of the better known resorts such as Camelback and Blue Mountain. Being away from the cities a bit further and having more people means less people per acre.

Make sure to discover Elk Mountain this season and you’ll want to make the drive for years to come!

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