Jack Frost Ski Resort: Why You Need to Ski It

Read on to answer all your Jack Frost related skiing and snowboarding questions before shredding up the slopes this winter.

Skier at Jack Frost Ski Resort
Skiing the trails at Jack Frost. Photo Credit: Rhys A. (Flickr CC, cropped)

Where is Jack Frost Big Boulder?

Jack Frost Ski Resort is located in White Haven, Pennsylvania, which is on the East side of the state. It is 2 hours from New York which makes for a great weekend trip out of the city. Jack Frost is also just one hour from Allentown, PA and 1 hour forty minutes from Philadelphia, PA. The nearest major city is Scranton at only 45 minutes away.

Being centrally located in the Poconos, it is an easy drive from most major cities on the east coast.

Does Jack Frost Ski Resort Have Lodging?

Key Takeaways: The is no on site lodging at Jack Frost. There are a few local hotels and inns but otherwise there are generally some good options on Airbnb to book.

Does Jack Frost Have Night Skiing?

Jack Frost does not have night skiing or snowboarding at the resort. Remember that the one ticket includes access to Jack Frost and Big Boulder. Big Boulder has night skiing from 3 p.m. to close.

How Far Apart Is Big Boulder From Jack Frost?

Jack Frost Ski Resort is just about 5 miles from Big Boulder Resort. The resorts are affiliated and one lift ticket lets riders ride at both resorts.

When Is the Best Time to Go to Jack Frost Resort?

Jack Frost Big Boulder terrain park.
Terrain park at Jack Frost. Photo Credit: Rhys A. (Flickr CC, cropped)

The best time to go to Jack Frost Ski Resort is in the mornings, use the slopes for half a day, take a break and then head over to Big Boulder for the night shift. Since there is no night skiing at Jack Frost, it makes the most sense to ride there in the mornings and switch to Big Boulder later in the day. Big Boulder is only five miles away from Jack Frost.

Key Takeaways: Only Big Boulder has night skiing. It is 5 miles away from Jack Frost so head over in the afternoon to Big Boulder for the night riding.

Does Jack Frost Ski Resort Have a Ski Shop?

Jack Frost has a tune up shop inside the rental store at the resort. They offer quick tunes, waxes, binding adjustments and edging. The resort staff are extremely helpful to get you back on the slopes as soon as possible!

Highlights of the Jack Frost

Jack Frost Ski Resort is exciting because the resort ticket provides two Pocono mountains in one ticket. Some of the highlights of the resort include –

  • 20 Trails, 9 ski lifts and 1 magic carpet
  • 80 Skiable Acres
  • 600 foot vertical drop
  • Two mountains in one ticket price
  • Snow tubing on site

Is There a Terrain Park at Jack Frost?

Jack Frost Ski Resort has a terrain park for all the riders looking to take themselves to new heights. ONE Park constantly is being updated for new jumps but also has rails, boxes and jibs to explore.

Is Jack Frost Mountain Good for Beginners?

Jack Frost is a good mountain for beginners to start at. Taking a beginner’s lesson includes gear rentals. This is helpful for people who are just exploring the sport for the first few times. Their staff are extremely friendly to work with beginners and introduce new people to skiing and snowboarding.

Is Jack Frost Ski Resort Better than Big Boulder Ski Resort?

Jack Frost is a different style resort than Big Boulder. Jack Frost is suited to all mountain riders while Big Boulder caters to the terrain park riders. Both resorts have snow tubing. The two resorts are included in one ticket price.

Does The Resort Blow Their Own Snow?

Snow cat groomer at Jack frost ski resort.

Jack Frost has snow making on 100% of their trails which makes them the first resorts in Pennsylvania to open up along side with their other resort Big Boulder.

Just because they have snow making though doesn’t mean they have night skiing at Jack Frost. Remember that there is no night skiing at Jack Frost and only at Big Boulder.

How Many Trails Does Jack Frost Ski Resort Have?

There are 20 trails at Jack Frost with 9 ski lifts servicing them. They have one quad lift, six double lifts and two triple lifts. Jack Frost is geared more towards to the skiing and snowboarding riders while their other resort Big Boulder is more suited for individuals looking for terrain park features. Both are worth checking out this winter.

Does Jack Frost Have Snow Tubing?

The resort has tubing runs at the top of the mountain. It is a great family activity or one that requires no skill level. While both Jack Frost and Big Boulder have snow tubing, Jack Frost has a little bit smaller facility than their other resort at Big Boulder.

Is There Summer Mountain Biking at Jack Frost Ski Resort?

There is no mountain biking at Jack Frost Ski Resort in the Summer. Also there is no mountain biking at Big Boulder Resort. Both shut down and go pretty dormant in the Spring and Summer aside from weddings.


Jack Frost Ski Resort is one of the two resorts under the Jack Frost Big Boulder family. Between the two resorts riders can find a bunch of cool trails to shred up this winter. Make sure you take at least two days so you can check out both resorts. There is enough riding to keep anyone satisfied and the crowds split to a reasonable level between the two.

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