Labrador Mountain: What to Know Before You Go to Lab

So, if you find yourself in the region, then be sure to check out Labrador Mountain!

Going Down the Badger Trails at Labrador Mountain
Going Down the Badger Trails at Labrador Mountain. Photo Credit Oliver Hine (Flickr CC)

Directions to Labrador Mountain

Labrador Mountain is in Truxton, New York and it is easy to get to. The mountain is right on Route 91 so you cannot miss it. There is plenty of free parking at the base of the mountain and there is additional parking in the lot across the street as well.

Here is a breakdown of how far Lab is from some nearby cities:

  • Syracuse, NY – 30 minutes, 25 miles
  • Albany, NY – 2.5 hours, 165 miles
  • Niagara Falls, NY – 3.5 hours, 200 miles
  • Philadelphia, PA – 4 hours, 230 miles
  • New York City, NY – 4.5 hours, 250 miles

Quick Facts About the Mountain

As mentioned up above, Labrador Mountain is pretty close to the Finger Lakes. This means that this little hill gets a ton of snow from the lake effect storm systems. They also blow their own but for the most part, you can guarantee that Lab will be covered and that all their trails will be open by peak season.  

Here are some key stats about the mountain:

  • Trails: 20+
  • Lifts: 4
  • Magic Carpet: 0
  • Night Skiing: Yes

Lab Mountain Hours of Operation

Lab Mountain opens at 10:30am during the week and on Saturday and Sunday, the mountain opens at 9:00am to accommodate the weekend crowd. And by far one of the best things about Lab Mountain is that it is open for night skiing! A large portion of the mountain is lit up at night.

This means that riders can ski a variety of trails all the way until 9:00pm most nights. Only on Sunday and Monday does the mountain close early at 4:30pm.

Lodging Near Labrador Mountain

Labrador Mountain has a small, local vibe. It certainly is not a big resort type place. There is no lodging at the base of the mountain. So, if you are looking for some ski-in, ski-out action, Lab is not the place for you. There are, however, some hotel options nearby.

Here are some top places to stay in the area if you are visiting Lab from out of town:

  • The Brewster Inn
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Cazenovia
  • The Brae Loch Inn
  • Hampton Inn Cortland

There are also some fantastic rental properties in the area. So, be sure to check out websites like Airbnb and VRBO as well before booking your stay. Either way, know there are a variety of options for every type of budget all within a short drive to and from the mountain.

And the closer to Syracuse you look, the more options you will find.

Lab Mountain Ski Rentals

For such a mom-and-pop type place, Lab Mountain sure does have everything you could need for a successful day on the slopes. In the main lodge you will find a rental shop that offers complete rental packages as well as à la carte options.

Their complete rental packages provide skiers with skis, boots, and poles. And for snowboarders, the complete package is a snowboard and a pair of boots. Helmets are available for an additional cost.

If you are local to the mountain or if you are going to visit for an extended stay, know that there are also ski lockers available to store your gear.

Terrain Parks

Ski Trails at Labrador Mountain
Ski Trails at Labrador Mountain. Photo Credit Oliver Hine (Flickr CC)

The northern peak of Lab Mountain is where you will find the terrain parks. There is a healthy mix of rails and jumps. Some jumps are bigger than others and some rails have more advanced features than others.

So, if you are new to terrain parks or are a more advanced rider, be sure to take the double chair up the northern peak to check out the options. There is something for everyone! There is also a snowboard half-pipe closer to the base of the mountain that might be worth ending your run on.  

Trails: What to Know

As mentioned above, there are a little over 20 trails at Labrador Mountain and there are three main peaks. Here is a breakdown about each peak and what they have to offer:

The southern peak is where you will find all your black diamond trails. On a heavy snow day, advanced skiers flock to this side of the mountain for steep powder runs. The one downfall to the southern peak though is that it is not lit for night skiing.

Here are some of the best runs on this side of Lab:

  • Midnight Express
  • No Name
  • Glad

The central peak is where you will find a lot of green and blue trails. And if you could not tell from its name, it is the most central area on the mountain, so a lot of action goes on here. There is a triple chairlift that takes you to the top or there is a T-bar option that you can take as well.

Some of the best trails here are:

  • Char Run
  • Upper Muzzle
  • Red Wine

Lastly, there is the northern peak. As mentioned up above, this is where you will find the terrain parks. This side of the mountain is pretty isolated compared to the southern and central parts, so if it is a busy day, be sure to check it out for some less trafficked runs.

Some great trails over here are:

  • Razor Back
  • Badger
  • Chute

Lab Mountain Ski Lessons

Learning to ski at Lab.
Learning to ski at Lab. Photo Credit Oliver Hine (Flickr CC)

Labrador Mountain offers ski and snowboard lessons. They have private lessons, group lessons and adaptive lessons. All their options can cater to a variety of abilities. So, if you are brand new to snow sports, they have you covered with a learn to ski program. Or, if you are a more advanced rider, you can become a part of Lab’s recreational ski race training program.

They teach you how to refine your skills and abilities to keep up with the best of them.

Other Winter Activities at Labrador Mountain

There are no other winter sports at Lab other than skiing and snowboarding. However, there is a kid and babysitting area that is guaranteed to keep little ones occupied with a variety of fun and games right at the base of the mountain.

Final Thoughts on Lab

Labrador Mountain is a quintessential local’s hill. It is not too big and because it is privately owned, it has a real humble feel to it. The last thing to know before you go, is that Lab’s sister mountain, Song Mountain, is just twenty minutes away!

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