How to Ski Green Runs: Tips for Skiing Greens as a New Skier

Green ski runs are the the easiest ski runs at resorts. It’s where all beginners start but also a great place to warm up with a few runs every time you go to a ski resort. On top of that, green trails are family friendly and the trails to seek out if you don’t want to ski steep trails.

We will look at how to ski green runs so you can get started.

Beginner to advanced runs at Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort
Beginner runs. Photo Credit Coconino National Forest, Ariz. (Flickr CC)

What Are Green Ski Runs?

On green ski runs you will see everything from learners to lessons, families and advanced skiers. Green ski runs are still a blast to ride even when you become a very proficient skier.

How Steep Are Green Ski Slopes?

While green ski runs vary from resort to resort, they generally stay in a 6 to 25% grade percentage in the U.S. Compare this to a black diamond and they can be well above 40%. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what grade green ski slopes are, you have to learn to ride them and master them before moving up to blue ski slopes.

Are Green Trails Hard?

Grand Canyon Express ski lift at Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort
Beginners on the lift. Photo Credit Coconino National Forest, Ariz. (Flickr CC)

Beginners won’t find green trails easy at the start but that is the nature of learning to ski. You will fall but you will have to get back up. Ask beginners if green trails are hard and they often say, “yes”. That isn’t to say they aren’t having a blast.

Even if you struggle on a green as a beginner, work on your skills and look to have fun. You will only improve.

How Long Does it Take to Learn to Ski Green Trails?

Some skiers can master some of the green slopes in their first few lessons. It is really dependent on how hard the green trails are that they are trying to ride. As we mentioned, not all resorts are the same.

You might believe you have mastered all green runs but then you head to another resort and are quickly humbled. Luckly, we have some tips for skiing green runs.

How to Ski Green Runs (Apply These Tips)

Most people skiing greens are going to be newer skiers. First, let’s get your gear right, then you can focus on some specific skills while riding the greens.

Ski Gear Needed to Ski Green Trails:

Skiing Skills to Work on When Skiing Green Trails:

  • Stopping using the pizza method
  • Turning to both sides
  • Riding the chair lifts and magic carpet

As you get out on the green ski runs, apply these 3 tips and you will have a much more enjoyable time skiing –

  • Only ski the greens you are comfortable with.
  • Be patient and only go downhill when there isn’t a crowd of traffic if possible.
  • Take a lesson and then practice those skills by yourself on the greens.

Green Ski Runs: Are They Dangerous?

Heavy snowfall at Whistler BC
Skiers in heavy snowfall. Photo Credit Ruth Hartnup (Flickr CC)

Skiing itself is inherently dangerous within reason. There is a lot you can do to reduce the danger of skiing and that starts with wearing a helmet and improving your skiing skills. Green ski runs can be a cause for injury but this comes from beginners falling and collisions.

Beginners that learn how to fall correctly can reduce the danger on any slope. Avoid falling on your wrist and try to land on your butt or shoulder. Collisions are less common on greens but you do see some out of control skiers and boarders.

Is There Easier Ski Runs Than Green?

If you are struggling of getting the hang of skiing on green trails then it is probably time for another lesson. Don’t give up.

There isn’t easier trails than green slopes which usually include a bunny trail. It might seem too steep or too hard at first but sticking with improving your skiing will having you master the green trails in next to no time.

Final Thoughts on Skiing Green Trails

A lesson will help you learn everything you need to conquer the green slopes, so get started. An entire lifetime of skiing is in front of you and it all starts with the greens.

Alec Wilson writes for Proper Peaks and lives near Claremont, VT. He hardly misses a weekend on the ski slopes in the winter. If there is snow, Alec’s skis are on for a go. Look out for his stickered-up helmet and you might just meet him on the trails.

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