Montage Mountain Ski Resort: The Full Ski Resort Guide

Montage Mountain Ski Resort is tucked up in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania. Many people don’t think there are good resorts in Northeast PA for skiing and snowboarding so they head out of Pennsylvania. Well, they are wrong for many reasons. Montage Mountain will make it a tough decision if you should drive to anywhere else other than Scranton PA.

Read on to find out what Montage Mountain has to offer and why it is one of the better ski resorts in northeast Pennsylvania.

Trails at Montage Mountain Ski Resort.
Trails at Montage Mountain Ski Resort. Photo Credit: Wiki CC

Where is Montage Mountain Ski Resort?

Montage Mountain Resort is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It is 15 minutes to get from downtown Scranton, to the slopes. The resort is an two hours and 15 minutes from New York. Philadelphia is 2 hours to the south of Montage Mountain.

If you are looking for a resort that has it all but don’t want to drive further north than PA, Montage Mountain is a great place to check out.

Does Montage Mountain Have Lodging?

Montage Mountain doesn’t have lodging on site but there is really nice lodging just near by. The best lodging nearby is the Hilton in Scranton. All the rooms are very updated and modern. It’s not like some of those ski resorts where it feels like the rooms are from the 90’s. The Scranton Hilton is close enough to the slopes but you’ll also get to see downtown.

If you want to go to Montage Mountain but want to avoid the more mainstream places to stay, than renting a cabin on Vacation Rental by Owner (“Vrbo”) is also an option. Cabins are a great way to stay outside of Scranton and have more of a mountain feel.

Does Montage Mountain Have Night Skiing?

The Lodge at Montage.
The Lodge at Montage. Photo Credit: Rich Perry (Flickr CC)

Montage has full mountain night skiing. That means you can make use of their 26 trails, terrain park and 140 acres well past dinner time. Make the mountain yours when the kids go to bed during night skiing at Montage Mountain.

When Is the Best Time to Go to Montage Mountain?

The best time to go to Montage Mountain Ski Resort is on the weekday mornings. Generally everyone is at work and you can be riding open slopes. Thursdays are some of the best days to come in and get some runs right before the weekend.

Does Montage Mountain Ski Resort Have a Ski Shop?

Montage Mountain Resort has a ski shop with all the essential gear you might need to get on the mountain. Don’t worry if you forgot anything at home, the Montage Mountain Ski Shop will have you covered.

The resort also has a rental shop with boards and skis for anyone that doesn’t have their own gear.

Highlights of the Montage Mountain

Montage Mountain Ski Resort is one of the best Northeast Pennsylvania ski resorts. Some of the highlights of the resort include –

  • 26 Trails
  • 140 Skiable acres
  • 100 feet of vertical
  • Snow tubing slopes
  • Very family friendly
  • Night skiing available
  • Easy beginner trails

Is There a Terrain Park at Montage Mountain Ski Resort?

Rail jam at Montage Mountain Ski Resort. Photo Credit: Rich Perry (Flickr CC)
Rail jam at Montage Mountain Ski Resort. Photo Credit: Rich Perry (Flickr CC)

Montage Mountain’s terrain park will keep a rider busy for a season. There are natural features, jumps and jibs to hit time and time again. If the thrill of a terrain park gets you excited than Montage Mountain won’t disappoint.

Is Montage Mountain Good for Beginners?

Montage Mountain Resort is very good for beginners because the terrain is very friendly. The beginner slopes are gradual and forgiving. Once you progress out of the beginner stage with a few lessons, Montage Mountain has the next steps up. There are trails to challenge you step after step as you work your way up to the hardest runs they have.

Does Montage Mountain Ski Resort Blow Their Own Snow?

Montage Mountain Ski Resort blows their own snow on 100% of their trails.

How Many Trails Does Montage Mountain Resort Have?

There are 26 trails at Montage Mountain and all are open for night skiing. This means you can ride over 8 hours a day on the weekend when the resort is in full swing.

Snowboarder at Montage Mountain
Snowboarder at Montage Mountain. Photo Credit: Rich Perry (Flickr CC)

The mix of trails at Montage Mountain is spread across beginner, intermediate and advanced fairly evenly. They have everything you’d look for to progress from a beginner to expert on a snowboard or skis.

Does Montage Mountain Ski Resort Have Snow Tubing?

Montage Mountain has tubing which opens generally the day after Christmas. The resort has some of the longest tubing runs in PA. The first day can be crowded and tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis. It’s better to wait if possible until after New Year’s and the crowd will die down a bit.

Is There Summer Mountain Biking at Montage Mountain Ski Resort?

Montage Mountain doesn’t have any downhill mountain biking in the summer but they do have an amazing waterpark to take advantage of when the weather heats up. There is a lazy river, mat racer slides and body slides. You can rent a cabana to relax by the pool while the kids get busy in the water.

Final Thoughts

Montage Mountain Ski Resort is hands down the best ski resort in the Scranton area since it is right in Scranton’s backyard. The impressive resort had plenty of trails to keep riders discovering something new. While there isn’t lodging on-site, there is great lodging close by for out of towners.

For some serious winter fun, be sure to ride the trails at Montage Mountain Resort this year. We want to hear your favorite thing about Montage Mountain in the comments section below.

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