Roxy Snowboards – Looking at Mervin Snowboards Women’s Line

Read on to learn, are Roxy snowboards good and if you should ride Roxy on the slopes.

Roxy snowboards

The Selection of Roxy Snowboards:

Unfortunately, women’s snowboards just don’t have as large of a selection as men’s snowboards. Roxy leads the way in their line up putting out close to 10 boards but it surely isn’t 15+ models you see in some men’s lineups. With that being mentioned, you will have no issues dialing in a pick of an all-mountain or park board.

If you want to try splitboarding then you’ll find Roxy comes up short and doesn’t make any. There also aren’t a lot of Roxy snowboard packages. Aside from just about one Roxy snowboard package, you’ll have to get a board and then the bindings separate.

Many of the Roxy boards are rocker in the middle, if you don’t like it, keep it in mind when picking the profile of your board. You might need to go to another brand.

Roxy’s snowboard lineup is good for women but we wouldn’t mind seeing a few more snowboards available to women. They scored a 7.7 out of 10 for selection.

Are Roxy Snowboards Good Quality?

When you are getting a Roxy snowboard, you are basically getting a Gnu or Lib Tech, more geared towards women. The largest difference from the men’s lineups are the graphics and sizing. This means the quality is still high.

Womens Roxy Snowboard

Made in the U.S. by Mervin snowboards, Roxy doesn’t lack in quality when compared to any of the other Mervin snowboard brands. In fact, Roxy is using a lot of the same materials in their Gnu boards, in their Roxy snowboards. The bases often leverage the same materials as the men’s lineups and the snowboard cores as well.

While we wouldn’t call Roxy a cream of the crop, they isn’t any issues to really call out with the quality. They score an 8.0 out of 10 on quality.

Women’s Boards for Serious Riders

Become the best on the slopes with Roxy.

The Price of Roxy Snowboards

Roxy snowboards are cheap when all things are compared. Most of their snowboards fall sub $500. It is a great price point to get women into snowboard with a board that doesn’t skimp on the quality for that price.

You’ll have a hard time finding the same quality in other manufacturers for the same price. While most of the Roxy boards are geared towards more beginner female riders, the price complements this well.

We scored Roxy’s price an 8.0 of 10.

Roxy Snowboard Graphics

If there is one area where Roxy is lacking most, it is the graphics department. It is surprising since Lib Tech and Gnu’s graphics can be super interesting in comparison. Roxy’s graphics are pretty bland even to female riders. The most interesting ones they are putting out are the Breeze and XOXO Cynthia Rowley.

XOXO Cynthia Rowley by Roxy

Aside from front those two, the graphics just don’t scream, I need it. The character is certainly in the board itself but it is questionable if it is there in the graphics.

While the graphics don’t look bad, a bit more effort could certainly be put into the Roxy boards. We scored the graphics of Roxy boards as a 6.4 out of 10.

The Best Roxy Snowboards

Roxy doesn’t have a large selection but two that really make a statement are the Roxy Smoothie and Roxy Raina.

The Roxy Raina is great for beginner riders as it is one of the easiest women’s snowboards to ride. It has the right amount of flex to set in the carves but also is playful and fun. For first and second-season snowboarders, the Roxy Raina will get you out on the trails and you should have no issues learning before progressing to a more advanced board.

The Roxy Smoothie can really down the mountain when the powder days hit. The wide nose lets you float on the powder and make those big powder slashes. It is a bit more advanced board and good for intermediate to expert riders.

Whichever you choose, you can’t really go wrong with Roxy. Try a few Roxy snowboards on a demo day and you might find that you’ll need one in your gear bag.

So, Are Roxy Snowboards Good?

Roxy snowboards are good for beginning female riders to intermediate riders. They don’t have the pop in the graphics department that many riders are looking for. Aside from that, they do hold up well and are generally easy to ride for new snowboards. If you are just starting out then Roxy could be great for you. When tallying up the total score, Roxy scored a 7.5 out of 10.

Grab a Roxy snowboard, get your own gear and get into snowboarding this year.

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