What Do You Need to Wax a Snowboard? (Gear List)

Okay, let’s get onto what you need to wax a snowboard. We’ll cover the essential gear for waxing a snowboard, optional gear and even explore the types of wax you can use on your snowboard.

Gear You Need to Wax a Snowboard

An Iron (But Not Just Any Iron)

Dripping wax on snowboard with iron.

So you can use just about any iron, a cheap one, a small one, a used one but they need to have a flat bottom. Ski and snowboard irons have two features. A flat bottom and temperate controls. They are made so they won’t burn your board, although they can if you just let it sit in the same spot for a long time.

Both also come with adjustable heat which is exactly what you should be looking for.

A good iron will pay for itself in one season since you won’t be visiting the shop. It’s a no-brainer for any avid snowboarder or skier.


Scrapers don’t matter much, some are thicker plastic than others but they will all do the same thing at the end of the day. Scrape off excess wax.

Again you can’t go wrong with Dakine even though we like the Swix Plexi Scraper that you can pick up over at REI. It should last you a lifetime unless you lose it. They are certainly a one-time item for the waxing kit.


Not all snowboard wax is made the same. There are different wax for different temperature levels for how cold it is, all-temperature waxes and performance waxes. Most riders just need an all-temperature wax unless they plan on racing. Let’s dive into the types of snowboard wax a bit more.

Types of snowboard wax.

What Type of Waxes Are There for Snowboards

Rub On – Rub on wax is exactly like what it sounds. Usually applied with an applicator, it doesn’t last more than a day out on the trails. We wouldn’t even recommend rub on wax to our worse enemy and certainly not any Peak Seekers. If you are in a pinch and it is your only option then grab a can at the mountainside.

Performance snowboard wax – At the performance waxes, you really get into specific temperature waxes. SWIX sorts their waxes by color and number so you know which temperature you are getting you wax for. Don’t be afraid to try it but have a good idea of the temperatures you will be riding.

Where to Buy Snowboard Wax

Out of all the big shops, we always find EVO to have the best selection. They have a lot more than The-House or REI. With that being said you can also get snowboard wax at the mountain but you’ll often pay a premium in the shop.

It’s best to stock up online before any trips.

Which Wax Is Best to Wax a Snowboard?

The best was for snowboards are bio-degradable and fluorocarbon free. Fluorocarbon snowboard wax is damaging to the environment, avoid it! Most all-temp waxes on the market are not fluorocarbon-free but just be sure to double-check.

A Good Set of Tuning Brushes

Brass vs Nylon snowboard Brushes

Steel or Bronze Brush

Nylon Brush

Nylon brushes put the finishing touch on snowboard wax jobs. If you want to cap off all the effort you put into a hot wax then having a nylon brush in your snowboard waxing kit is essential.

Alternatives You Can Use

If you don’t have a bronze brush laying around or in your kit then you can settle for a green Brillo heavy-duty scour pad to get the excess wax off after you scrape. It is the same thing you use on kitchen pots and pans. You can get a scouring pad at any grocery store and it makes for a great addition to a snowboard waxing kit.

Waxing Kits for Snowboards and Skis

Just starting out learning to wax your snowboard? Well, a waxing kit makes it super easy to get everything to wax at home. Here are 3 that can get you started.

While all are good kits, the only one that comes with tuning stands is the one by mountainFLOW. It also has a proper bush which is something you will need to get outside the Dakine and OneBall kits. It is just something to keep in mind. For most people, the Dakine hot wax kit will do everything for many years.

Optional Gear

Base Cleaner

Some people use base cleaner and others swear against it. Personally, at Proper Peaks, we like to use it. If you aren’t using a base cleaner then just scrape really well and melt out the old wax with your iron. It is really a personal preference.

Snowboard Vise

While a snowboard vise is nice to have, it is certainly optional to a wax job. If you live near the mountain and plan on waxing at home then it can make for a good setup. For those traveling boarders though, they can just throw it on a table and do without it.


As we mentioned before, brushes are nice to have but you don’t need them. If you don’t have them, go for the next best thing which is a Brillo pad. It will keep some change in your pocket to use towards lift tickets anyway.

You don’t need brushes but they are a step up from brillo pads to remove wax.

Tuning Table

If you really want to run a snowboard vise at the mountain then you can put it on a tuning table. They fold up so they can go to the mountain with you. Mainly for racers, they can come in handy if you plan on waxing a ton of boards before riding.

Final Thoughts on What Is Needed to Wax a Snowboard

Once you have your tools to wax a snowboard, you’ll be able to wax it at home, in a condo or at the resort. If you plan on riding for a few years and have your own gear then it makes sense to take pride in your gear and give your board the waxing it deserves, regularly.

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