How Much Does a Snowboard Instructor Make? (Revealed in 7 States)

How Much Does a Snowboard Instructor Make? Snowboarder reveals.

Being a snowboard instructor isn’t a super high-paying job but it is fun and fulfilling but really, hoq much does a snowboard instructor make? While many snowboard instructors are college students to people in their late 20’s, you do see some people who stick with it and continue regardless of their age. If you enjoy snowboarding, teaching people and getting paid, how can you find a better job? It just comes down to picking the resort.

Read on to find out how much does a snowboard instructor makes so you can see if it is something you want to get into.

Snowboard Instructors Pay Varies By State

Not all snowboard instructors are making the same out there. Go to a larger and more expensive resort and they are often making more than snowboard instructors at smaller resorts. Here is the hourly rate of snowboard instructors in some of the most popular skiing and snowboard states, along with the minimum wage of the states.

1) Washington

Crystal mountain in Washington state.

Minimum wage: $14.49

Average range of part-time snowboard instructor pay: $17-$23.50

2) Colorado

Aspen at night in Colorado.

Minimum wage: $12.56

Average range of part-time snowboard instructor pay: $14-$18.40

3) New York

Whiteface  ski resort trails in New York.

Minimum wage: $13.20

Average range of part-time snowboard instructor pay: $15.40-$18.60

4) California

Heavenly Ski resort in California.

Minimum wage: $15.00

Average range of part-time snowboard instructor pay:$15.00-$21.50

5) Vermont Snowboard Instructor Pay

Stowe ski resort in Vermont

Minimum wage: $12.55

Average range of part-time snowboard instructor pay: $14.50-$17.00

6) Utah

Snowbird ski resort gondola in Utah.

Minimum wage: $7.25

Average range of part-time snowboard instructor pay: $9.80-$15.40

7) New Hampshire

New Hampshire White Mountain.

Minimum wage: $7.25

Average range of part-time snowboard instructor pay: $12.40-$17.50

Snowboard Instructor Pay Depends on Level and Seniority

Just like many other jobs, pay depends on certification levels and seniority for snowboard instructors. The high the certification level, the higher the pay a snowboard instructor can command and frankly the more job security.

Something to keep in mind is the cost of living is often high in ski resort towns. Discounted housing and meals are common perks of the job.

Job security for snowboard instructors is pretty easy to come by if you have been at a resort a few years simply because of the turnover of instructors. The cost of living is often high in ski resort towns and snowboard instructors like to move around year to year, to different resorts. Flexibility is one of the perks of the job.

Full time vs Part Time Snowboard Instructors

Full-time snowboard instructors often will make a bit more than part-time snowboard instructors. Part-timers snowboard instructors often take the job to get the perks of the free pass while full-time positions are harder to come by.

Smaller resorts usually don’t want to put out as many full-time positions because then they are paying benefits.

So which one is better? It depends if you want to make snowboard instructing your main job or not. If so, knock out those certifications to secure your position and increase your pay.

What is a Snowboard Instructor Salary?

Full-time snowboard instructors are the only ones who get salaries and while they are enough for food and housing, they can get eaten up by the high resort town costs. Most snowboard instructors are earning in the $37,000 – $43,000 range but get benefits as well.

Benefits are one of the biggest perks to being a full-time snowboard instructor. While the salary isn’t huge, remember being a snowboard instructor can be a labor of love.

Do Snowboard Instructors Get Tips?

One of the perks of being a snowboard instructor is the tips. It’s good etiquette that students tip snowboard instructors get tips after teaching a group or private lesson but it’s not always the case. In fact, many students don’t tip and that’s ok. When a snowboard instructor puts on a really good class and is an engaging teacher, they increase the chance they will get tipped.

The proper etiquette on the instructor’s side is they should not ask for a tip. There is nothing more cringier than an instructor throwing in a funny joke or an ask for a tip.

Other Snowboard Instructor Benefits

Pay is only one of the benefits of being a snowboard instructor. Some of the other benefits that come along with the job include-

  • Flexibility
  • Discounted housing
  • Free snowboarding
  • Discounted meals at the resorts

Not bad perks if you want to live a resort lifestyle at a cost of a lot less than vacationers.

Can You Have a Career as A Snowboard Instructor?

Snowboard instructor with kid.

The best way to have a career as a snowboard instructor is to get certified. The steps to becoming a snowboard instructor as are follows –

Step 1: First, get your snowboard skills under you. Become proficient with your riding.

Step 2: Next, it will be easiest to get a part-time position instead of going full-time. You’ll have to pass a riding test and provide that you can teach before you can teach to students.

Step 3: Once you get into a part-time spot, work your way up the PSIA-AASI certification ladder.

Step 4: After a year as a part-time instructor, you should be able to apply to full-time spots at the mountain or other resorts.

Some full-time snowboard instructors can also teach skiing so the resorts are getting a two-for-one deal. To set yourself up for the best chances at a full-time career as a snowboard instructor then continue progressing and learn skiing once you max out your snowboarding certifications.

Final Thoughts on How Much Does a Snowboard Instructor Make?

Snowboard instructor salaries and hourly rates depend on quite a few factors as we mentioned. States have different minimum wages and resorts pay differently. Certifications have an impact and some instructors are even dual trained. At least now you should have a good idea how much a snowboard instructor makes.

Keep improving your snowboarding skills if you are already an instructor. If not, get out there, being a snowboard instructor is a great career.

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