Snowboard Gear for Rent: 3 Places to Rent Snowboard Gear

Finding snowboard gear for rent doesn’t have to be hard. There are quite a few options so it comes down to comparing where you can rent from and determining the equipment you need. First, having a good idea of why you plan to rent will help determine where to rent snowboard gear.

Often it is simple to rent a board and boots but it can be a bit tougher to track down clothing. Don’t worry, we will cover all that and more so you know where you can find snowboard gear for rent.

When To Rent Snowboard Gear

Rental snowboard gear.

Renting snowboard gear isn’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t need a snowboard at all and should opt for skis. If you want to rent snowboarding gear and are new, be prepared to fall because it isn’t likely you will be cruising down blue runs on your first mountain day.

Skis on the other hand are easier to learn quickly. That aside and if you haven’t rethought your choice then here are three types of people who should consider renting their snowboard gear.

  • New To Snowboarding
  • Traveling
  • You Don’t Snowboard Much

Just because you are new to snowboarding doesn’t mean you need to rent for long. Take at least one lesson before buying gear. Optimally 2-3 to see if you even like it. By that time, it often makes sense to get season rentals from the local mountain and pick up gear after the first season.

If you are traveling and don’t plan on flying with your gear or flying in from warmer countries then the only option may be snowboard gear for rent. This is when you can rent from any of the 3 places we will touch on in a minute.

Lastly, if you don’t snowboard much but are looking to get on the mountain with friends, just rent. It is simple and you won’t have to take care of the gear in terms of tuning. You won’t even need to store it in the off-season too!

Pro Tip: If traveling and renting, always check online if you are renting through the resort to see if you can reserve your rentals online. Otherwise, you may show up and the resort could be sold out of rentals.

Where Can You Find Snowboard Gear for Rent

Finding snowboard gear for rent really comes down to 3 places. Online, locally or at the mountain itself. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages so keep that in mind.

Online Snowboard Gear for Rent

Quickly you will find that most snowboard gear for rent online is just going to be your kit. You will be hard-pressed to find a snowboard and boots online for a short-term rental. It is just too big to ship.

Slope threads mainly caters to ski apparel for rent so you’ll find more snowboard-looking clothing and more options over at Kit Lender.

Kit Lender will ship directly to your location so you will have all the gear needed when you arrive.

In Local Shops

Snowboard Gear for Rent

Local ski shops near the resorts are arguably the best place to rent snowboard gear. They usually have a wider selection of brands to rent and boards when compared to the resorts. The resorts will buy all of one brand like Burton or a few brands.

Another thing that makes local ski shops attractive for renting snowboard gear is that they are usually a bit less expensive than the resort itself. Lastly considering that ski resorts sell out of their rental boards, local ski shops are a great place to check as they can still have rentals.

Local shops often have a more diverse set of snowboard gear to rent from.

The cons to renting snowboard gear from a local shop though include having to make that trip off-site and they don’t generally rent clothes.

Local ski shops often don’t rent clothes because they aren’t in the business of doing laundry all the time.

So while they are great for picking up a board to use on the mountain, they can be out of the way.

At the Resorts

Renting snowboard gear at the resort is where most people get their gear. The resorts know this and it is where you will pay the highest rate. Often the resorts, especially smaller ones, only rent the boards, boots and helmets. It can be tough to find snowboard clothes for rent directly at the resort.

As we mentioned, see if you can secure your rentals online in advance if you plan to rent your snowboard gear at the resort. There is nothing more disappointing, than thinking you will be renting and then being told that they are out of rentals.

What About Renting Snowboard Clothes

Snowboard clothes for rent

So you should be able to sort out your snowboard and boots in advance either at the local shop near the resort or at the resort itself but for the clothing, as we mentioned both of them often don’t rent it.

It doesn’t make sense to buy all the clothing for a one-time trip. If you have it already and are traveling then putting it in space-saving bags and taking it isn’t hard.

Renting snowboard clothing is often for people traveling or new to the sport. As we mentioned before, there are a few online options, which are typically the best way to go. They will ship it wherever you need it and then you ship it back when done.

What is the Cost of Renting Snowboard Gear?

The cost of renting snowboard gear ranges from $50 to over $80 per day depending on the board and boots you select to rent. Most of the standard rentals will be in the $50-$65 range per day. Demo snowboards are more expensive.

For this amount, the rental usually includes the snowboard and the boots. Helmets are generally an addon. While it may seem like more out of pocket, a helmet is always worth it.

Snowboard clothing starts at $45 a day and can go to over $70 a day on the major online rental sites. Clothing that is rented online usually has a 3-day minimum. That is mainly due to them having to ship it there and you having to ship it back.

Should I Buy Snowboard Gear or Rent?

The decision to buy or rent snowboard gear is a common dilemma for beginner and intermediate-level snowboarders. For people traveling, unless they want to take all their gear, they often just find it easy to rent.

Buying your gear can be a cheaper option in the long run because you can resell it later when you’re done using it. Renting can cost much more than buying gear if you do it for a long time, but renting your first few times out will give you an idea of what type of gear you need.

Snowboard boots for rent.

The first gear to buy should always be your boots. They are easy to take from resort to resort and will work in any board for years. Evo and The-House are two great options when looking for boots although we caution you to try some on first at your local shop or resort and see what feels good.

Remember you will have snowboard boots on for 4 to 8 hours sometimes!

For other snowboard clothing, you can always hit up a Goodwill or thrift shop if you are new and just getting into snowboarding. Sometimes you will find some bibs or jackets if you don’t want to go new.

Final Thoughts on Snowboard Gear for Rent

The process of renting snowboard gear is not hard at all. It shouldn’t be a sticking point between you and a vacation or trying the sport.

You should now have a good idea of three places you can start looking to find snowboard gear for rent. Be sure to ask questions if you have them when renting, we always find that people are happy to share knowledge. Good luck finding your gear and have fun on the trails!

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