Are YES. Snowboards Good? Hint: Yes

Impressive graphics on a middle-market snowboard, YES. snowboards are exactly that. Are Yes. snowboards good though? We’ll have a look at what they offer, the quality, graphics and even a few of their top boards.

Read on and find out if YES. snowboards are worth your wallet.

Yes snowboards

The YES. Snowboards Lineup

YES. snowboards has a sprawling lineup. With over 20 snowboards, YES. has one of the biggest lineups among brands. Best known for freestyle, powder and backcountry snowboards, YES. might have something in their lineup for you.

Do you like surfing the powder or stomping out the big jumps? Those are huge factors that Petter Solberg, Romain de Marchi and David Carrier Porcheron took into account when designing YES. snowboards. If you want a lot of boards to choose from, YES. certainly doesn’t fall short.

While YES. even puts out a kids board, you’ll be surprised to learn you won’t find a splitboard in their lineup. We get it, it doesn’t exactly align with their roots of throwing it down on big jumps and all.

All-mountain groomer riders might find that YES. comes up short but just about all other riders should be able to find a board in the lineup. We scored YES.’s selection an 8.3 out of 10.

Are YES Snowboards Good? How’s the Quality…

Yes. Basic Snowboard Women's 2023

Let’s get it out of the way, YES. isn’t trying to make the most high-end snowboards. You have to know what you are getting into. For most people, the quality will be more than good enough. For people who are putting 50+ days on the slopes though, it might not be the quality you want.

Backed by their YES. for life warranty, if you ride hard, you may need it. The most common issues with YES. board’s quality is the top laminates peeling. Other than the occasional defective base, most YES. boards are solid.

The issue comes to when you try to use the warranty. We get it, they can’t replace everything but with a lifetime warranty, you would think most things are covered. They’re not. Make sure you read through all the things not covered by YES. so you aren’t in for surprises.

If your board is damaged in shipping, you are screwed. If your graphics discolor, too bad. As we said, most boards are fine, just don’t think everything is covered if you get a bad board.

YES. snowboards quality scores an 7.6 out of 10.

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Are YES. Snowboards Worth it? The Price Point

Yes. Jackpot Snowboard 2023

If you don’t want to break the bank and still want a solid snowboard, YES. snowboards hit that category. Especially if you want a freestyle or powder snowboard as we mentioned before. Most of YES. snowboards are in the sub $500 range.

For a brand new intermediate snowboard, that’s not too bad as intermediate boards often run well into the $600 range.

At $500 you are getting a board where the quality is pretty much justifiable for the price. On top of that, they have some of the best graphics for sub $500 snowboards which we will touch on in just a second.

The price of YES. snowboards scores a 7.9 out of 10. You should still have enough left over for a lift ticket or two. If you don’t then you just picked a board that is too expensive and thats on you!

YES. Snowboard Graphics: Real Art on Real Boards.

Yes. Hybrid Snowboard 2023

A lot of companies make great snowboards but fall flast when it comes to the art. YES. snowboards doesn’t. They tap into real artists to design the art for the decks. Compared to other companies in the price range, YES.’s selection of graphics pretty much blows them off the trails.

The only drawback to the cool graphics on YES. boards are if you get one that has a laminate which starts to peel or a graphic that fades after awhile. Otherwise if you want a unique looking board, YES. is certainly a way to go.

There is some seriously sweet graphics on the YES. snowboards which scores them an 8.7 out of 10. Keep it up YES., yes, we love it!

Which YES. Snowboards are Good? Here’s 3

We get it, with such a big lineup, you can get lost in the sauce of YES. snowboards. Don’t worry, here are three of our favorite YES. snowboards –

  • Resort Riders – Yes. Basic
  • For the Funky Freestylers – The Jackpot by YES.
  • Powder Pushers – The Hybrid

If we had to pick just one, it would be the Hybrid. Are we a bit biased to riding fresh powder? Sure, but who isn’t. Grab a YES. Hybrid if you want to by floating on top of the fresh white stuff this winter.

Are YES. Snowboards Good? Drumroll Please

Don’t get it twisted, YES. snowboard look awesome, they ride pretty good and their price is set at a reasonable range but they wouldn’t be our go to intermediate snowboard brand. YES. boards pretty much tick all the boxes but in a world where the competition is stiff, they get stiff armed on the mountain by a few other brands.

We won’t make you get out a calculator and we will add it up for you. YES. snowboards total score tally up to a 8.1 out of 10.

If you want to look cool on the slopes, you won’t have to think twice with YES. boards.

Jessie Gonzalez writes for Proper Peaks and lives in Stockton, CA. One of her favorite things about snowboarding is seeing beginners get started and watching them enjoy the sport.

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