Ski Gifts for Ski Moms: 13 Gifts for a Ski Mom’s Birthday

Ski moms are one of the easiest people to find gifts for. There is always something you can upgrade in the ski kit. From little things like socks to jackets and boots, there is always room for improvement!

We’ll help you with a few ski gift ideas for mom’s birthday.

She will just be waiting for winter to roll around so she can hit the slopes with you.

13 gifts for ski Mom Bday

What Makes a Good Gift For a Ski Mom’s Birthday?

Before we give you all of our favorite ideas for the ski moms out there, we considered the following things:

  • How often would mom use it?
  • What is the price range?
  • Only high quality made it to the list
  • Will it improve her ski experience

To us, a good ski gift for mom’s birthday should be used a lot. It has to be high quality and improve her ski experience or time on the mountain. As for price, it varies. You can check all those off for less than $100 or for more than $100.

Let’s get into the gift ideas for mom’s birthday.

13 Gifts for a Ski Mom’s Birthday

1. A New Helmet

GIRO snow helmet matte urchin

Give mom some new style. It’s a no-brainer! Protect her brain out on the slopes with a new ski helmet. Don’t settle for a plain old black one either. Consider something a bit more fashionable like a pink helmet, purple, white or blue.

Both Smith and Giro made MIPS helmets for women that aren’t just protection but add some style too. The best part of it all is that helmets really feel like you are getting something but they still can come in as a sub $100 gift.

Plus, even if mom has a helmet, there is nothing wrong with having two. She won’t have to worry about a damp or sweaty helmet if riding back to back days on the slopes. Think about it, you can’t go wrong getting a ski mom a helmet for her birthday.

2. Everyone Needs a Second Pair of Ski Gloves

Ski moms, notorious for saying their hands are cold. Well, not all moms but you have probably heard one or two. Don’t make mom head back to the lodge to warm up, get her a nice pair of ski gloves. Even more so than a helmet, it makes sense to have at least two pairs of ski gloves.

If you are getting mom ski gloves for her birthday then be sure to go Gore-tex. A good pair of ski gloves can run as much as a helmet but if mom’s birthday is in the spring or summer then you can always grab an after-season sale to pick up a gift.

3. Get Her Some Trail Snacks

Grab a few flavors and types and you’ve got mom a gift she will use for sure when hunger strikes on the lift ride.

Let’s face it, mom shouldn’t be walking with those ski boots across the pavement. Help her save her ski boots and get her some shoes to get around the resort. While we have worn a lot of shoes around ski resorts, there is one we always go back to, Crocs.

4. Shoes for the Resort


5. Add a Ski Jacket to Her Collection

helly hansen alpha lifaloft ski jacket

Is mom into fashion? If so, the answer for her birthday gift might just be a new ski jacket. Think about getting her a color she doesn’t have or a weight she doesn’t have. Does she need a preseason ski jacket or another thick one for the big pow? What brands would we get a mom for a birthday gift?

Here’s a few of our favorites:

As long as you get her size right, a ski jacket makes for the perfect ski mom birthday gift. It will get a ton of use and you’ll have mom looking good, all at the same time.

6. Get Her a Fresh Pair of Goggles

Maybe mom already has a great pair of goggles. So what is the point of getting her a second pair? Well, if she does any night skiing then you can get her a pair with clear lenses so she doesn’t have to change lenses.

Goggles are one of the most stylish things you can get mom aside from jackets and helmets. Upgrade her vision and her style on her birthday with new ski goggles.

7. Cover that Season Pass

That high price makes ski passes the most expensive ski gift you can get for a ski mom’s birthday, at least by our standards. Then she still needs someone to ride with. Hopefully, you are that person!

She will certainly be tickled if she opens up a voucher for a season pass in her birthday card. Just as she opens that card and thinks you didn’t get her anything, be prepared for her jaw to drop if she sees a season ski pass on her birthday.

8. Upgrade Mom’s Skis


If she doesn’t have a pair of cross-country skis, downhill, powder and mogul skis then she doesn’t have enough pairs of skis. That being said, can you ever have enough pairs of skis? Mom might tell you she doesn’t need new skis but just do it, get her some for her birthday and she will be excited to hit the slopes!

9. Heat Up Her Feet With Some Wool Socks

Why wool? Wool socks will keep her feet dry and warm while wicking out moisture and controlling odor. You can’t get mom a better sock for skiing than a quality merino wool ski sock. The thing with socks though is she will go through them quickly.

Get her a few pairs of the same kind that way she will be set for the ski season with toasty feet.

10. Get Her Skis Waxed

How can you impress a ski mom on her birthday? Get her skis waxed. That is true love. Not a lot of things come close to getting mom’s skis waxed for her birthday. This works best if her birthday is in the fall or winter. It also is a great way to support your local shop or resort and give them a bit of business.

11. Brand New Boots for the Win

k2-method-ski-boots- in purple

Just tell her what you are planning. It’s almost always better if she tries on some boots in person. At the end of the day, if you want to get them online then go for it but we recommend she tries on a few pairs first, even if that means she will know her birthday gift.

12. Did You Think About Ski Poles?

Ski poles aren’t the most common gift or even probably your thought for mom’s birthday but they can make a good gift. Why? She most likely wouldn’t buy new ones otherwise. Surprise with a new set of carbon poles or just get a color that pops.

Black Crows make some bright ski poles that will stand out in any ski crowd. Just what mom needs.

13. Keep it Simple with a Scarf for Mom

Prana_flora_scarf green

Final Thoughts on Gifts for a Ski Mom’s Birthday

There are so many good options when picking a ski gift for a ski mom’s birthday. The real gift though is time. Even if you don’t get her anything, spend some time with her on or off the ski slopes.

Best of all spending time is free and you can’t beat the memories.

Although a gift doesn’t hurt too!

Brianna Lee writes for Proper Peaks and lives in Duluth, MN. Her favorite thing about skiing is the glades. Your have to start in the glades if you want to catch a glimpse of Brianna’s pink ski helmet as she dodges the trees.

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