Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort: Can’t-Miss California Skiing [Resort Guide]

To learn about Mammoth Ski Area, how to get there, where to stay, which trails to ride and how to make the most of your trip, read on!

Gondola at Mammoth.
Gondola at Mammoth. Photo Credit: Steven Brown (Flickr CC)

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort: Directions

When it comes to navigating your way to the resort, there are several different roads you can take depending on where you are coming from. One main road to get to Mammoth Mountain is the 395.

Southern California Route:

  • Pass-throughs: The drive will navigate you past Death Valley, Mount Witney
  • Connecting roads consist of: Interstate 5 North – State Route 14 North
  • Leading to: Hwy 395 North to State Route 203
  • Approx. 300-400 miles

San Franciso Route:

  • Starting point: Interstate 80 to Hwy 50 Kingsbury Grade Cutoff
  • Connecting to Hwy 395 South – State Route 203
  • Approx. 320 miles

In the process of planning the desired and most preferred route to take, there are also other aspects that should be taken into consideration. For example, consider traffic and road conditions based upon weather before starting your drive to the mountain.

Extreme weather conditions result in poor road conditions, which fluctuate depending on the route you choose to take. You might want to check traffic before heading up to Mammoth but here are some general area’s nearby and the time it takes to get to the mountain:

  • Fresno, CA – 6 hours, 380 miles
  • Sacramento, CA – 4 hours and a half hours, 245 miles
  • San Francisco, CA – 6 and a half hours, 320 miles
  • Las Vegas, NV – 5 hours and 15 minutes, 315 miles

Mammoth Mountain: Resort Highlights

There are some things you need to know before visiting Mammoth and the size is one of them. Just take a look at the number of trails and skiable acres they have to offer!

Mountain Statistics and Information:

  • 175 named trails to ride, varying in skill level
  • A total of 25 lifts which include: 2 gondolas, 9 express quads, 2 alternate expresses
  • Mammoth Ski Resort elevation: 11,053 feet at the peak
  • Over 3,500 skiable acres
  • 10 Terrain Parks
  • Season length ranges from November up until June each year
Storm rolling in at Mammoth. Photo Credit: Marty B (Flickr CC)

Mammoth Ski Resort Lodging: Where to Stay Near Mammoth

Mammoth Mountain has a high variety of places to stay available not far from the resort. Among these; the most popular and common stays consist of Mammoth Mountain vrbos, hotels and cabins. Some popular Mammoth Mountain ski area hotels include:

  • Mammoth Mountain Inn
  • Juniper Springs Resort
  • Tamarack Lodge and Resort
  • The Westin Monache Resort
  • Empeiria High Sierra Hotel

If hotels really aren’t your preference then you could opt for a cabin from a place like Mammoth Mountain Chalets.

Finally, for large groups or the more budget-friendly ones, you better check out Mammoth Mountain vacation rentals by owners. If you don’t mind skipping a hotel, Mammoth Mountain vrbos are the best option in quality and cost.

As we laid out, Mammoth Mountain has a variety of choices, styles, and preferences which provide an option for all visitors. You shouldn’t have any issue with quality or cost due to all the lodging near Mammoth.

Is There Night Boarding?

This resort does not offer night boarding. The hours of operation are:

  • Lift hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm all seven days a week
  • Ski and snowboard school: 8:30am – 4:00pm, seven days a week

The trails are always changing depending on snow conditions, be sure to check the latest lift and trail status for Mammoth for the important updated information regarding lifts and trails that are closed, or weather conditions that could result in the immediate closing of the mountain for the day.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Lessons: Key Information

Mammoth Mountain offers lessons for all levels of riders. These lessons are available for purchase and booking online or in person at the resort ticket station. These lessons are offered all different times throughout the scheduled operating hours (you can find in the above section under night boarding). Here is some important information to know prior to booking on the lessons:

  • Kids group lessons (3-14): morning/afternoon/full-day
  • Adult discovery lessons (13+): morning/afternoon
  • Adult intermediate/advanced clinics (13+): Located at the main lodge

If it is your first time visiting Mammoth and skiing or snowboarding, go with the group discovery lessons. The ski school will help you build some confidence on the beginner trails and you’ll be sure to have fun.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Rentals

On the trails at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.
On the trails at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. Photo Credit: leminhp (Flickr CC)

Do you have to get your rentals from Mammoth Mountain? Not necessarily. There are a few places if you want to rent outside of the mountain itself. The three places we recommend for Mammoth Mountain Ski area rentals are –

  • Kittredge Sports
  • Fast Ski Sports
  • Black Tie Ski Rentals of Mammoth

From beginner to expert, rental options are available for all. Offsite rentals are great if you want to save a few dollars, avoid lines and maybe get a brand that you want. Otherwise renting at Mammoth is a good option too. The mountain offers overnight storage and drop-offs at any location throughout the resort to provide convenience for guests if you are staying at the inn, Tamarack, Juniper springs or a luxury home rental.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have an Ikon Pass, you can save on demo rentals. Demo’s are the way to go if you want to rent the latest and greatest high-performance skis or boards.

Peak Seeker Pro Tip: Check out the premium rental options. Email Mammoth in advance and you won’t have to wait in line. They will adjust your gear and have it waiting in a private locker for your pick up.

All About the Trails – [Must Ride Trails at Mammoth]

For most newcomers, whether beginners or experts, this resort can seem overwhelming in size based on the number of trails available to ride. Although high in number, Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort is fairly simple to navigate through.


  • Round Robin
  • Pumpkin
  • Easy Rider


  • Knee Deep
  • Back for More
  • Road Runner (Backside of the mountain)


  • Cornice Bowl
  • Dave’s Run
  • Scotty’s (Backside of the mountain)


  • Wipeout Chutes
  • Avalanche Chutes

Terrain Parks: What You Should Know

Smashing the terrain park at Mammoth Mountain. Photo Credit: dualdflipflop (Flickr CC)

With over twenty years of operation, Mammoth Mountain Resort has been a top mountain in terrain park design and quality. Offering over 100 acres of park riding, Mammoth has set a respectful recognition in pro-level innovation.

Three notable parks are the Main Park, South Park and Forest Trail. The main park has all the extreme features while the Forest trail is more suited for beginners.

Winter Activities: Other Options at Mammoth

While it may appear as skiing and snowboarding is all that Mammoth has to offer, there are other winter fun activities available. Some of the options include:

  • Scenic gondola rides
  • Woolly’s Tube park
  • Snowmobile adventures
  • Cross-country skiing

The best options for families are usually the snow tubing park at Mammoth and the scenic gondola rides. Want a bit more thrill? Hop on a snowmobile and you’ll get an exciting adrenaline rush.

Plan for a little snowmobiling on your trip and make some unforgettable memories.

Final Thoughts – Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort is a top-notch ski area when it comes to California skiing and snowboard riding. Offering exclusive packages, offers, and deals for all ages and preferences, this resort will exceed your expectations.

Whether you are a beginner or expert, gather your gear and your friends/family. Make the trip to Mammoth Mountain and a guaranteed fun/memorable time will be the outcome.

Let us know your favorite: fun activities, trail and terrain favorites, off-site resort “go to’s”, and make sure to leave it all in the comments below.

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