K2 Snowboard Bindings Size Chart: Pair Bindings to Boots

K2 snowboards are popular for their all-mountain and park boards but are growing on the scene of snowboard bindings. With some of their newer models of snowboard bindings including the K2 Clicker, more and more riders on the mountain are transitioning to riding with K2 bindings. So what size K2 binding do you need?

It depends on the model but we break it all down in the K2 snowboard binding size chart for a few of the popular models.

K2 snowboard bindings

What Are Some Popular K2 Bindings?

Here are some of the most popular K2 snowboard bindings by types of riding:

  • All-Mountain: The Clinch and K2 Lien
  • Park/Freestyle: K2 Line Up and K2 Meridian
  • Split Snowboard: K2 Farout
  • Children’s snowboard bindings: K2 Mini Turbo and Lil Kat

Covering all types of snowboarding isn’t a problem, K2 does it. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid to an adult, they have bindings to get you on the trails.

Are K2 Bindings Good?

While there are a lot of bindings to choose from, K2 is a solid choice to go with. The components are pretty good and you can even get K2 snowboard binding parts for most of their models through customer support.

Hopefully, you won’t have to get binding replacement parts and your bindings will last for a few seasons.

Need a Pair of Bindings That Last?

Evo has the best selection of K2 bindings.

K2 Snowboard Bindings Size Chart for Popular Models

The first K2 snowboard bindings size chart is for the highly popular K2 Cinch. This same bindings size chart also applies to the K2 Lien, K2 Line Up and K2 Meridian.

K2 all mountain snowboard bindings
US Men’s2-55-98-1211-15
US Women’s3-66-109+
US Junior11-12-5

Next up is the K2 Clicker binding size chart. Keep in mind that you need K2 Clicker boots for these bindings.

US Men’s Snowboard Boot SizeClicker Binding SizeUS Women’s Snowboard Boot SizeClicker Binding Size

We then have K2’s signature split snowboard bindings, the Farout. Here is the sizing chart for them.

k2 far out bindings
SizeUS Men’sUS Women’s
Small4 to 7.55 to 8.5
Medium8 to 10.59 to 11.5

Lastly is K2 Lil Kat and K2 Mini Turbo snowboard binding size chart. These are both great snowboard bindings for kids that are just starting to learn snowboarding.

Turbo snowboard bindings k2
US Junior11-12-5

Do I Need to Use K2 Bindings on a K2 Snowboard?

One important thing to know is that with most K2 bindings, you do not need a K2 snowboard. K2 uses a Tripod Chassis on most of their bindings which allows mounting to standard and channel boards like a Burton. Although there is nothing wrong with K2 bindings on a K2 board.

Final Thoughts on the K2 Snowboard Bindings Size Chart

While a lot of the K2 snowboard bindings size charts are the same for the all-mountain and park boards, you need to pay attention to the K2 Clicker and children’s sized bindings. Get the right-sized bindings and you will set yourself up for fun days out on the trails.

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