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Snowboarder at Abenaki

Abenaki Ski Area is America’s oldest small ski area. Dating back all the way to 1936, you’ll be riding on top of history when you go down their trails. Do you want affordable powder to ski or snowboard on in the east? If so, this community owned resort will give you tons of fun without breaking the bank.

Read on to explore why Abenaki is special, what they have to offer and why you should visit.

Where is Abenaki Ski Area?

Abenaki Ski Area is located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. The ski area is only 45 minutes from Laconia. It is 1 hour from Concord, NH. Boston, Massachusetts, is 2 hours to the south of the ski area.

There is something special about exploring these smaller ski areas, towns and meeting the people. Abenaki has all that and more.

Does Abenaki Have Lodging?

Abenaki Ski Area doesn’t have on-site lodging and you won’t really expect it to since it is a community run ski area. If you are from out of town and want to stay overnight in Wolfeboro than the two best places for lodging are the Wolfeboro Inn and Lake Wentworth Inn. Both will put you within a stones throw to the ski area.

Does Abenaki Ski Area Have Night Skiing?

Throwing down at Abenaki Ski Area
Throwing down at Abenaki Terrain Park. Photo Credit: Derek Taylor (Flickr CC)

Of course Abenaki Ski Area has night skiing. They have 7 trails and a terrain park. Night skiing is some of the best fun on the trails. It is open till 7 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Best Time to Go to Abenaki

The best time to go to Abenaki is on Sunday mornings if you want less crowded trails but did we mention there is almost always no lift lines. You are going to have some people that just haven’t rolled out of bed and others that are finishing up at church on Sunday morning. The ski area opens at 11 a.m. You still might even see a neighbor.

Key Takeaway: If you want to get on the New Hampshire slopes and don’t want lift lines, Abernaki is the place.

Does The Ski Area Have a Ski Shop?

Abenaki isn’t big enough for a full on ski shop. Bring your gear from the house when you come to the ski area. They do have little lodge with a wood stove to warm up in though!

Highlights of the Abenaki Ski Area

Lodge at Abenaki . Photo Credit: Derek Taylor (Flickr CC)

Abenaki Ski Area the oldest small ski area in the U.S. and some of the highlights include –

  • 7 Trails
  • Night skiing
  • Terrain park
  • 30 km of XC Trails
  • No lift lines

The Terrain Park

Abenaki has a terrain park that is nice for a ski area this size. Who doesn’t love not having to travel out of town in the Winter to hit some features? It all feels like it is in the backyard.

Is Abenaki Ski Area Good for Beginners?

Countless members of the community have grown up learning on the hill and you could be the next!

Abenaki is a good place for beginners to start skiing and snowboarding. They have the kiddie hill and the main hill to learn on. Countless members of the community have grown up learning on the hill and you could be the next!

Does Abenaki Blow Their Own Snow?

Abenaki Ski Area has a little but powerful snow making operation. They will get the trails open when Winter rolls around. The target is generally right after Christmas. Even if there isn’t natural snow, you can expect to ski and snowboard at Abenaki.

How Many Trails Does Abenaki Ski Area Have?

Trail map at Abenaki Ski Area
Trail map at Abenaki . Photo Credit: Derek Taylor (Flickr CC)

There are 7 trails at Abenaki Ski Area. The mix is split up fairly evenly between beginner, intermediate and advanced trails. The real kicker is the 30 km of cross country trails. It makes for a lot of fun for a Saturday or Sunday after there has been fresh powder.

What Are Some Other Winter Activities at The Ski Area?

Abenaki Ski Area has a ski team for youth, adults and free style. They use the ski area on Monday and Tuesday when it is closed to the public. There is also ice skating at Abenaki.

Final Thoughts

Abenaki Ski Area is historic. If you aren’t a local than making a trip to ski at Abenaki at least once is worth it. Spend a night in the town, see some new sights and hit the mountain. We wouldn’t pass up the cross country skiing if you are out that way too.

Let us know in the comments below why you love Abenaki’s slopes so much. Is it because of the no crowds, seeing friends or just being close to home?

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